Fresh Goods Friday 208

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Yup, it’s come around again – and it seems to happen sooner and sooner every week. Grab a cuppa, and that prawn sandwich, and gather round the computer monitor, as we display all that’s packed with Freshage and brimming with Goodment that’s come in to the office this week – It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Lupine Lights

You can tell that winter is on its way – in so, so many, rainy ways – but especially when we get lights sent into the office to test. And here are some teeny-brights from Lupine:

Lupine Neo

A total of 700 lumens, a helmet mount and a nice tidy little battery. The instructions rather magnificently refer to the battery as the ‘Wiesel’ – the corresponding ‘Wiesel Charger’ would be an AWESOME name for a band…

Wiesel Charger not pictured.

Price: £149.99

Lupine Rotlicht

There’s also a rear light, the imaginatively named Rotlicht (that’s red light in German, folks):

It even LOOKS German

This little puppy comes with a full 160 lumens, 4 light modes, an inertial brake light function and a brightness sensor.

Price: £74.99

Both from: Leveret Productions

Sweet Protection Air Jacket

Relax, ladies – he’s married.

Mark models the Air in Pacific Blue. Water repellant, breathable, blue. Disarming wink, model’s own.

Price: £119.00

From: Sweet Protection

GoPole Scenelapse

It’s entirely possible that this is called the ‘gato revèy’ in Haiti

The scenelapse is a 360 degree rotatey thing onto which you can shove your GoPro for to get nice panorama, yes? Each full rotation takes an hour. It even rings loudly when your cake is ready it’s fully revolved.

Price: £24.99

From: Madison 

VeloToze Shoe Covers


Ah yes, the wonderful rainy rain rain is here. And so are these rubber shoe covers for the more roadie amongst us.

Water resistant, light, windproof and aerodynamic, apparently. Chipps is out of the office, so here are some embarrassing photos:

Our beloved leader. *weeps*
I can’t tell if Chipps is inflating the overshoe, or the other way round…

Price: TBC

From: Rivet Sports

Giro Empire VR 90 Shoe


Full carbon outsole, retro lace up upper, so-hot-right-now ORANGEY ORANGE ORANGE* and Vibram for “relentless grip and durability” apparently. They’re floaty-light at 315g for the 42.5 size, too.

*not available in so-hot-right-now ORANGEY ORANGE ORANGE in the UK – Chipps got them because he’s ‘special’. Folks on the outside of the asylum can enjoy them in black.

Price: €250 £TBC

From: Zyro

Turbine Nose Thingies

It’s not what you think

Chipps brought these back from Interbike. You know those Breathe-Rite strips that help your airways and make you into the awesome athlete you’ve always thought you were? These are the same, but they work from the inside… So no sneaky borrowing of your mate’s when he’s in the shower, y’hear?

Also, they make you look like you’ve got a ring through your nose. Snort.

Price: £16.58 (plus shipping)

From: Rhinomed

Alpkit HeadTorches


Alpkit illumination for your swede. At left, the Indigo, £10.00. On the right, the Viper, £12.50.

Both from: Alpkit

Rocks Belong Tee

Rich looks as startled as the goat on his tee…

Grit.CX’s Marc Basiliere has started up, at the moment selling this goaty tee, and imminently socks (another great band name!). He can ship to the UK, too.

Price: £13.65 plus shipping


And now! With Great Fanfare! IT’S THE SOCKS!

Sock Guy socks


A range of entertaining logos on some hugely versatile socks – they can go on left OR right feet! Or elsewhere. But we’ll leave that to your imagination/nightmares.

Price: from £8.95

From: Silverfish

DeFeet Aireator Socks

Yes, socks.

Cool, dry, durable and Best Fit. It says so on the packaging…

Price: From £8.99

From: i-ride

Prendas Ciclismo socks


And here are some Italian made Autumn-rated warm’n’toasty foot coverings in a range of patterns and sizes.

Price: From £6.50

From: Prendas Ciclismo

That’s all from us for now… we’re going to gird our loins, waterproof up and get moist. Tune in next week: same bat-time. same bat-channel!





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    I’ve got some of those Prendas primaloft socks. they’re very nice.

    I simply must have a pair of those orange shoes.

    I see your fresh goods friday and raise you –

    now all I need are some wagon wheels.

    I have failed to find the General Lee socks on Silverfish’s web site and that makes me sad. 🙁 Has anyone had better luck?

    ChrisL – They were brought over by Chipps from Interbike – I can only assume they’ll be inbound imminently! More news as I get it 🙂

    Someone please shave Barney

    Ooooo…. A Segment, far more intriguing than the stuff above.

    Why isn’t any body modelling thoseTurbine Nose Thingies?

    Sheesh, even Sideshow Bob wouldn’t wear those Giros… 😐

    Vicki’s first reaction to those Nick? “I WANT those! I WANT THOSE NOW!” 🙂

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