Speed-first Orbea Oiz adds lightness for 2015

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Fast, light, and efficient full-susser pitched as hardtail replacement

Orbea Oiz 2Named for the peak most visible from Orbea’s Basque headquarters, the 100mm Oiz is the Spanish brand’s most race-oriented full suspension bike.  Two short years after its last update, the 2015 Oiz has been reworked to incorporate the brand’s size-specific wheel options (S-L get 27.5s, M-XL get 29s), do away with the rear axle pivot, incorporate a neat tension member into the carbon swing link, and to be tuned to work with both single- and multi-‘ring drivetrains.

Orbea Oiz stockOiz is built for one purpose – Speed. The kind of lung-burning, cross-country efficiency that is expected from a racing bike, matched with the desire to devour rough terrain that leaves traditional hardtails behind. Lap after lap, Oiz responds eagerly to each climb, every rocky, root-filled descent, pushing you to ride faster. Oiz is the ultimate advantage – not a machine designed to ride in the middle of the pack – the Oiz was Born to Win.

Orbea Oiz 1The choice of six frame and wheel size combinations should allow riders of most heights and preferences to find a version that suits them well.  As with 2014’s Rallon enduro model, the Oiz was developed in conjunction with their Mondragon Corporation co-op sister organisation- CEIT (Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Tecnológicas).  The university has developed models that allow them to digitally test their full-suspension designs.  Modeling is hardly a unique approach- but few companies have the mental and computing power of a wholly-owned university at their disposal.  More when we ride it!


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    10mm…thats not a lot of travel.

    my steel hardtail feels like it has more than 10mm travel …

    Fixed – a lot of these stories are published from Eurobike on the fly – expect typos! We’re keeping on top of them as fast as we can… 🙂

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