Paul Thru-Releasese for modern frames, forks

by Marc Basiliere 0

Classy cam action for 12mm and 15mm hubs

Paul Thru Axle 1First produced twenty-five years ago as Paul Component Engineering’s first product, the company’s Quick Release Skewers were re-released last year in both traditional and fatbike lengths.   Unfortunately, fewer and fewer bikes use QRs- so not many of us have had the opportunity to take advantage of the US-machined internally-cammed beauties.

Well, in advance of September’s Interbike extravaganza Paul has just released photos of their new thru axle quick release.  Given the occasional issues we’ve faced with some self-loosening screw-through axles, the addition of a cam is more than welcome- though on with some frames’ lack of thread-end adjustment lever will at times fall where it falls.

Paul Thru Axle 2
Black. Or silver.

Given the high prices of many thru axles, Paul’s could even be cost-competitive with factory replacements (standard QRs retail for $50).  We’ll make a point to swing by the Paul booth at Interbike and get the full scoop.  In the meantime, here are all of the details from Paul themselves:

Another Interbike sneak peak. Thru Axle Quick Releases. Shown is a 15 x 100 and a 12 x 190. Production versions will all have black axles with our trademark orange accents. We hope to be shipping these by the end of the year. 15 x 100, 15 x 150, 12 x 142, 177 and 197.