Eurobike 2014: Pro Bikes – Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark

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Straight from winning the UCI MTB World Cup XC race in Windham, Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark is in prime position on the Scott booth.

It even looks fast
Looks fast standing still.

Interestingly Schurter has chosen the 27.5in-wheeled Scott Spark to race in preference to the Scale 27.5 carbon hardtail. The Spark is kitted out with DT Swiss suspension, tailor-made DT Swiss carbon tubular-rimmed wheels, and SRAM XX1 with Avid XX brakes.

If you're good enough you get your own tubs
If you’re good enough, you get your name on your tubs.

Tyre tread on the Dugast tubs is fairly minimal for maximum speed, letting skilled handling take care of the rest.

XX1 liberally coated in what Americans know as mud.

A 38T front chainring provides the power on the 1×11 set up, with a minimalist chain keeper for a bit of security.

Slammed 100mm stem
Slammed 100mm stem

It’s nice to see team bikes still coated in race, erm, dust.

DT Swiss carbon shock out back
DT Swiss carbon-bodied shock out back

An X313 carbon-bodied rear shock with lockout takes care of rear suspension.

Spot the weight saving
You’re only going to be riding it for 90 minutes…

If you’re aiming to shave every last gram off the bike why bother with a top bearing cover on your headset?

Staright from winning at Windham
Straight from winning at Windham.

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    Top cover missing for slammed-ness not weight saving surely?

    I’d say both, Brant. and is that a Ritchey-branded I-Beam seatpost?

    Seat’s not level. Idiot.

    My seat is at same angle and I can count to as much as twelve.

    Seat is level when one considers that once the rider is added it will level off.

    Quite impressive winning on a bike with no pedals.

    It looks like it’s been sprinkled with cocoa powder. 🙂

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