Eurobike 2014: Kore & Spank

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We had a look at Kore’s prototype seatpost and brand new grips, and Spank released their new handlebar with Vibro Core.

Kore didn’t give much away about the new post, but they did let us take a picture of the top half.


We do know is the post has a rather clever seat clamp. In one position the saddle is offset by 20mm and then in the other position 5mm.  It’s a stealth routed post, but the valve is located at the top just by the seat clamp.


Kore were super excited about the post and can’t wait to release and show everyone what they have been working on and we can’t wait to see it.

Kore also had a new grip on show. Fresh from the factory, the few samples they had on display had a few minor mould issues but they were very hard to spot. The productions grips should be fine.


The grip has a unique plastic inner that is shorter than the actual rubber grip. The inner stops about an inch from the end; the rubber then thickens and grips onto the actual handlebar. Once on the bar the rubber bulges out and creates a tapered affect.

Mines bigger than yours.
Mine’s bigger than yours.
Look at that bulge

Next up is Spank’s new DH bar with ‘Vibro Core’ technology.

Team edition
Team edition

Vibro Core is designed to reduce the frequency, amplitude and duration of vibrations. The low density core reinforces the bar structure internally.

Just doing some core work
Just doing some core work

Weight: 325g. Ø 31.8mm. Rises: 15 / 30 mm. Length: 800mm. We like the idea behind Spank’s new Vibro Core system, anything to save arm pump is surely a good thing and if it doesn’t add excessive amounts of weight then why not?

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