Tuesday Treats 102: Premier Prize

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This week our Tuesday Treats cycling-fodder-prize-offering comes from Charlie the Bikemonger

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This week, five lucky winners will be the proud new owners of one of these limted, Swobo t-shirts RRP £25.00 from the range (but be patient – they are not ready just yet), we need to allow a few weeks for customs to finger the cotton:

The Swobo ‘Luchador’ T design

Drop your name into the digital hat now. Here’s how to enter this week’s Tuesday Treats Prize Draw:

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winners from our previous prize draw:

Wiffle wins Burgtec Ride Wide Bars from Muddybum Bikes.

tthew wins Race face Ambush Knee Pads from Muddybum Bikes.

BorjeSju wins a Magic Mary Super Gravity Tyre from Muddybum Bikes.

Congratulations! Hold tight, and we’ll be in touch.

5  Swobo T-shirts to the lovely Premier winners (but be patient – they are not ready just yet), allow a few weeks for customs to clear the cotton.

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    Hey Guys, I’ve just received my new Burgtec bars, and they’re awesome!! Huge thanks to Muddybum Bikes, Burgtec, and of course Singletrack for their generosity. Ride well!! 🙂

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