Shimano Launches Dedicated Enduro Range

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Enduro-specific shoes? An enduro-specific rucksack? Seems Shimano is keen to be seen up the front of the scramble to make all things enduro-friendly. Luckily for the other 98% of us that don’t race enduro, these products will probably also be very handy for ‘just riding around on a bike’, so without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Shimano is launching a new £149.99 M200 shoe that looks like it sits somewhere between a race/trail shoe and it’s well-regarded ‘stormtrooper’ DX SPD shoe popular with a speed lace system with a Velcro cover and a single ratchet strap (not too dissimilar to Mavic’s Crossmax shoe too). There’s a raised inner wall to protect ankles from cranks and a chunky sole for off-bike excursions. Here’s what Shimano has to say about it:


The new SH-M200 is Shimano’s premier Enduro shoe. A blend of pedaling efficiency and the security of added protection. With these shoes riders can confidently attack the climbs and maintain control on gnarly descents.

Shimano M200 – in enduro black.
Party on top, all business underneath.
This is what your crushed enemies will see.
Neat and featureless upper should shrug-off brambles and rocks.

Enduro events require a rider to efficiently and quickly cover a variety of terrain. The same flexibility is demanded from Enduro gear. Shimano’s new M200 is designed as a specific Enduro shoe to provide confidence for the more aggressive rider. Utilizing the new TORBAL technology, optimal pedaling efficiency is achieved while providing a comfortable and controlled ride. The special ‘dual density extra-cushion’ insole offers stability through the pedal stroke yet provides enhanced shock absorption and cushioning for the foot. Heel and toes are protected from impacts with the combination of the low-profile, armored upper and molded, raised rubber sole.

…and in Euro-Enduro orange and matt olive drab.

A low-profile, micro-adjust buckle holds the foot securely and the adaptable speed-lacing closure system allows for a wide range of foot shapes, ensuring a quick and secure fit. Further protection is provided by an armoured lace-shield for a clean shoe upper and provides an added barrier to debris during aggressive trail riding. The heel is protected from lateral knocks by an asymmetrical collar design with a higher inside section.

TORBAL technology
TORBAL (Torsional Balance) ensures maximal contact between rider and pedal while maintaining comfort and flexibility through all ranges of rider motion. TORBAL: faster with greater control.

TORBAL is used in 3 models: SH-M089 (MTB / Trail), SH-M163 (Trail / Enduro – which will be £109.99 and effectively replaces the current M162) and £149.99 SH-M200 (Enduro / Competition). Promoting a natural flow to the rider with a laterally flexible sole in the heel section, TORBAL improves balance and control on the trails and provides necessary stiffness where the shoe and pedal meet. Following Shimano’s Rider-Tuned concept, the mid-soles of these three models provide an expanded cleat-adjustment (up to 9mm) range to provide every rider the ideal cleat position for the shoe-to-pedal interface. The SH-M163 and SH-M200 feature stiff pedal interface blocks, promoting stability and pedaling efficiency, while the extremely durable rubber outer-soles on all three models ensure excellent traction on a wide variety of terrain.



OK, we’re back again. Now let’s look at the enduro rucksack, the U4E (for enduro, natch).  It shares many of the features of the more racy Shimano Unzen packs like the tiny U2. This U4E – is entirely more enduro than that of course – it has clips for armour and full, or trail helmets, as well as room for a tube, tools and your EnduroSnax™. It’ll retail for £69.99, but doesn’t come with a bladder as apparently that’s not enduro – and you might want to run a water bottle in it instead. (The Dan Atherton approved, smaller U2 is £49.99 with a bladder by the way). The pack also has room for glasses and straps for armour – it also features the rather Marmite cross-strap, which works well if you’re a strapping young enduro lad, but which seems incompatible with boobs and moobs…




Room for your EnduroBottle.


Full face helmet stowage, but where does your Endurobottle go now?
The Moob-Enhancer strap. Works very well if you’re the right shape.


Strapped and ready


Enduroshades here please.


Comes in black/blue


And black/EnduroYellow
Neat storage room.



Elbows out.


Shimano’s new race backpack, the Unzen 4 Enduro (U4E) is created in response to the rigorous needs of Enduro athletes. Enduro events require a rider to efficiently and quickly cover a variety of terrain and the same flexibility is demanded from Enduro gear. Developed in conjunction with our professional athletes, the U4E features numerous details to ensure ultimate comfort and efficiency while riding.

All of Shimano’s ergonomic and lightweight backpacks have a variety of clever features such as a tool and pump organizer, eyewear holder, zippered fleece pocket, reflective details and a loop for light attachment. The U4E adds special storage areas for a full-face helmet and armour as well as a goggle / helmet clip to keep them safe. The hydration pack reservoir features a compression cord to improve stability and deter pack shifting while riding. There is an additional pocket for a water bottle or jacket storage on the outside of the pack and a removable waist-belt to be used on those intense trails requiring extra stability.

Crafted for comfort, the Unzen’s body-hugging fit stays molded to the back but still lets you move freely. The entire pack is engineered around a lightweight structure that offers enough space for protective gear without adding excess bulk or weight. The key interface between rider and pack is the intelligently engineered X-Harness. The combination of an anatomically fitting 3D back panel and the custom fitting X-Harness lets the U4E hug the body for optimal placement in any riding position. The unique design of the X-Harness straps allows unrestricted body movement and does not impede breathing. Fine-tuning while riding can be achieved though the side adjustment flaps and multi-adjustable harness hook.

Unzen 4 Enduro ensures a pack that functions superbly in all conditions while enhancing rider comfort and security. U4E is engineered by Shimano and tested by the pro’s.

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Comments (10)

    That bag looks chuffed to bits in the sixth picture.

    Like the shoes. Lack of bladder a shame on the backpack and could have built in some kind of camera mount on that cross strap.

    I like the look of those shoes


    no i don’t

    im willing to forgive the trying to hard enduro-specificness as it seems to mean theres some really good kit coming out for just riding about.

    Bit gutted that from images on other websites [shock] only the top end M200 have the ankle coverage which seems really really stupid. The others are just shoes.

    Like the shoes finally a possible replacement for my ageing Specialized trail 110 boots.

    The one “enduro specific” thing I want from Shimano is a 1×10 or even 1×11 cassette with an 11-42 range, and mech to match. Too much to ask?

    I emergency-bought some Click’R shoes and have ankle bones that look like a boxers nose. Those SH-M200 look like the biz for my DH and 160mm bikes. Who gives a crap about nomenclature?

    “finally a possible replacement for my ageing Specialized trail 110 boots”
    Yours are still going?
    Mine snapped inside of 3weeks. Evans/specialized had sold out/ceased production at that point. Got carbon soled experts on warranty, cleat plate ripped out 15months later on that first pair

    Yes coming up on six years old now sole needed a bit of glue last year. Above also not strictly true as I also have a brand new pair of 110’s sat in the loft cant bring myself to use them though.

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