Orange Bikes: New Alpine 160

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News just in from Orange bikes…

The Alpine 160 has had a makeover to bring it bang up to date. 27.5in wheels, a new on-trend, longer top tube and longer front centre to pair with a teeny stem and a whole new loved-up look. As with all of Orange’s full suspension bike, it’s handmade in Halifax, Yorkshire. There are several different specs available, from a bare frame and shock to a the full-on £3800 RS model.

The Alpine 160 AM
The Alpine 160 RS

Here’s what Orange had to say about it:

Yorkshire born, Alps bred.

The Alpine 160 is our no-nonsense take on a bike designed to be ridden and raced on the most brutally demanding trails in the world, so we make no apologies for putting reliability, rider control and predictable suspension performance top of our list when it came to designing it. We’re not interested in making a bike that will only last a week of uplifts, we’re interested in making a bike that will last season after season, all the while delivering that trademark Orange ride.

This latest update to the Alpine 160 is its most comprehensive with a lot of changes but a lot of staying true to what we do best too. The most obvious change is the inclusion of 27.5inch wheels and internal dropper routing, but the big change comes in the new geometry.

Orange Bikes has long had a tradition of pioneering progressive geometry. We’re always looking at how to improve your ride, putting you in complete control of your bike. While others have been slowly making their bikes longer, lower and using more relaxed angles we’ve been doing it for years. Now we’re moving things on again.
The new Alpine 160 uses a longer front centre than before to help make the bike more stable in the high-speed environment it’s designed for, yet, combined with a short 35mm stem the Alpine 160’s handling stays sharp and involving. This same longer wheelbase also gives greater stability on the climbs, and with 160mm of travel to play with traction is never a problem.
As you’d expect from an Orange the Alpine 160 uses an ever-dependable fuss-free single pivot suspension design to achieve its 160mm of travel. Coupled to a properly tuned damper there simply isn’t a better way of producing the same level of performance and reliability.

You won’t find any proprietary components on the Alpine 160. We believe in making frames that can be easily specified, adapted and upgraded to each rider’s needs, rather than locking people into one way of thinking. With a standard threaded BB, 1.5″ headtube, 142 x 12mm rear axle, 30.9mm seatube and 215mm shock length, the Alpine 160 frame guarantees you options and upgradability in the future, rather than restrictions and evolutionary dead-ends.

Frame highlights:
Handbuilt in Halifax
Unique monocoque aluminium and Reynolds tube chassis
Single pivot suspension for performance, efficiency and reliability
27.5″ wheels
160mm of rear travel
49mm (1.5″) straight headtube
142 x 12mm rear axle
Alpine-trail honed geometry
Increased length toptube and wheelbase coupled to a shorter stem for high-speed stability
Internal dropper routing
Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes


The Sterling Silver £1700 frame only option.

More details here:

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  1. And they said 26″ wasn’t dead

  2. Well done for the threaded BB though Orange

  3. Interesting to see that they’ve stuck with old ISCG – my ISCG 05 tabs are a bit picky about crank / chain guides combos wheras the older tabs weren’t.

  4. No mention of weight…..!

  5. Good to see they have finally dropped the bloody through swing arm routing.

  6. Its the friggin price thats the problem, makes the Rune Banshee look like a steel.

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