Fresh Goods Friday 198

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Another week nearly over and with the sound of a whole weekend’s worth of riding just around the corner it’s that time again…

Canyon Nerve AL 6.0

We’ve got some Nerve

Described as a “full suspension tourer” on their website, we reckon the Nerve AL 6.0 is a lot of bike for the money for general razzing about on trails.

A Rockshox Reba and Fox Float CTD take care of suspension duties while a mix of Shimano XT, SLX and Deore take care of the 3×10 drivetrain.


Price: £1199.00

From: Canyon

American Classic Wide Lightning

Big wheels for big mountains
Big wheels for big mountains

32mm of width in a pair of 29er tubeless wheels for big mountain adventures.

Price: £599.99

From: Moore Large

Rockshox RS-1

Definitely the right way up
Definitely the right way up

Dave’s been waiting very patiently for a set of RS1’s to turn up to see how they handle a bit of Calderdale filth after riding them in the Moab desert. These are the 120mm travel version and will be seeing some trail riding duty as he’s convinced they’re more than just an XC fork.

Price: £1415.00

Roam 50 with Predictive Steering hub

Wheely good?
Wheely good?

To go with the RS1 is a set of SRAM Roam 50 wheels with the front predictive steering hub built into them.

Price: £400 (front with predictive steering hub) / £445 rear.

SRAM X1 drivetrain

It's quite black
It’s quite black

New arrival on the 1×11 block (see what we did there) is SRAM’s X1 drivetrain continuing the one by trickle down. You’re going to see this on a lot of 2015 bikes apparently. Full story here

Price: Price TBC

SRAM Guide RSC brakes


New stoppers from SRAM are the Guide RSC brakes, these are top of the new range with reach adjust, contact point and swinglink.

Price: £150 per end (excluding  rotors)

SRAM Guide RS brakes

More stoppers
More stoppers

Next down are the Guide RS with reach adjust and swinglink.

Price: £115.00 per end (excluding  rotors)

All From: Fishers Outdoor

Renthal Apex Stem


Need to tweak your cockpit?  Renthal have a new range of stems that’ll cover most flavours of riding your bike. The Apex comes in 10mm lengths from 40-90mm. It’s a +/-6° rise and the wraparound faceplates offer 240° of clamping with two faceplate pieces to lower stress on the bars. CNCd and laser-etched in the UK at Renthal – see issue 89 for our ‘We work here’ feature on Renthal.

Price: £79.99

From: Renthal

Deuter Speed Lite 10

Magenta and Blackberry

Is Magenta the new Purple? It’s certainly on trend in the bike world this year. Here’s Deuter’s Speed Lite 10 for all your gear packing needs.

Price: £39.99

From: i-Ride

That’s it for this week, we’re off enduroing for the weekend. See you on the flipside, Monday nice and early yeah?

Comments (10)

    That Nerve looks broken.

    What the hell is a ‘Predictive Steering’ hub?

    Shame X1 is still too expensive, and not compatable with a standard freehub….

    £1450 for a set of 120mm forks? I’m loaded and i’m still “out”….. 😉

    For some uppy/downy/slidey tubes!?!? I’ll wait 2 or 3 years and then get the realistically priced version. 😉

    I have to agree with maxtorque – he’s loaded and i’m out at that price!

    Did who ever rode that Canyon into a wall hurt themselves?

    I doubt any frame repairer is gonna get rid of that kink….

    Predictive Steering hub? WTF??? Predictive text is bad enough!

    Thats £12 per mm of travel – sounds quite reasonable when you put it like that.

    Is it my imagination or have SRAM not used the Avid moniker on those brakes?

    Perhaps it’s a sign that things are improving and they want to distance themselves from it?

    Like the look of those wide rim American Classic wheels.

    The price of those forks is ridiculous, especially as i think you actually have to buy the front specific wheel too. Impossible to justify

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