Factory Visit: Hope Technology

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Now in their fourth factory since they started,  and busy planning a velodrome to go with the company pump track, we thought we’d pop in and see what’s new at Hope Technology.

With a commitment to making product in the UK and sourcing parts locally too, the beauty of Hope is how open they are; nothing hidden away, nothing off limits.

It’s not just pedal bikes in the ‘hall of fame’
Polished tank

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And finishing by hand

Comments (15)

    British manufacturing, brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.
    Hope the good days return , now the Chinese are putting their labour costs up
    Do hope take apprentices?

    Didn’t know Hope did a carbon seat post?

    Crack on chaps and get those cranks finished

    Best of British right there!

    Very cool. Particularily like the swarf-poo machine

    Looks like a really cool place to work.
    I hope Hope are proud of what they do, they certainly should be.

    See, we do still make stuff in Britain, despite what the Daily Mail will try and have us believe!

    Genuinely Oarsum. Would love a job there!

    Avid brake on one of the pump track bikes, and don’t look like Hope pedals?

    Dartboard doesn’t look to be at regulation height

    Like anything it’s all about picking your market. Competing on low end mass produced parts is pointless, however hope have their market and they seem to be picking up fans here in Oz too with T-Rex’s and hubs popping up all over the place. Great work, I think Hope covers every moving and stopping part of my bike currently.

    I love bit of engineering….

    Nice photos, the logos on the cranks are a bit OTT.

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