Paper’s not dead! Ordnance Survey upgrades maps

by Marc Basiliere 3

Tri-laminate sandwich with GPS data for dessert
MapAs much as we love our gadgets, when it comes to navigation there’s little more reliable than a paper map and analog compass.  For that reason, the Ordnance Survey is continuing to develop and improve their long-running printed maps, piloting a new model with Brecon Beacons maps OL12 and OL13.

Something for everyone
Something for everyone

The result of surveys, focus groups, and the observations of users in the field, OS’ new Explorer Map + is printed on stronger paper than ever before- a “tri-laminate sandwich,” with paper as the bread and a synthetic as the filling.  This change makes the maps more durable (especially when wet) and should still allow for route marking and the easy addition of new discoveries.  Also included with each map is a 14-day subscription to the OS Getamap service, providing access to online mapping resources.

Beware maps carrying spears
Which is more disturbing:
the map with the spear or the one with the sagging buttocks?

The OS is continually looking to improve their products and encourages anyone who tries the Explorer Map + package to get in touch with any feedback, further improving the breed.

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  1. OS maps are like the BBC; you don’t realise how great they are until you live overseas.

  2. I just wish they’d make open access land like the boundaries for National Trust areas, etc. i.e. just the boundary rather than staining a huge swath of the map orange.

  3. “with paper as the bread and a synthetic as the filling”

    I know it says the same on the OS website, but surely the paper should be in the middle to make it waterproof?

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