Fort William: Pics from the Pits

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We took a wander around the pits at the Fort William DH World Cup to see who or what we could find..

IMG_7613The DVO chaps were displaying the DVO Emerald inverted DH fork and Jade rear shock. Unsurprisingly, green features heavily. We featured their new Diamond fork earlier on today.

DSC_0038The good folk at Buff had a couple of anachronistic bikes on display that had us drooling. First of all was this lovely old tandem..

DSC_0036..followed by this magnificent cruiser. Its impracticality in most circumstances (going uphill, basically) rendered moot by the application of a lovely, effort saving motorised rear hub. WANT.

DSC_0064Team Singletrack/GB rider Nial Oxley’s bike in the work stand.

DSC_0066Comes with a revolutionary ZiipThai polymer composite damping system (or perhaps the shock was being repaired).

DSC_0067Kenda’s Honey Badger in 29er, 2.2in Pro flavour is now available in the UK, priced £36.99..

IMG_7631On the subject of tyres, the Maxxis Shorty DH tyre is only available in 26″.

DSC_0072For the first time in AGES, Spy+ goggles are available in the UK, in a range of colours and designs.

DSC_0073Including some truly magnificent examples..

IMG_7644The new M series wheels from ENVE were being shiny.

IMG_7645Mmm, look at the mouldings on that..

IMG_7641Here’s the view from the top of the multi-storey (well, two) SRAM truck. I can see your house from here..

IMG_76255:10 shoes are available in a variety of subtle and understated colours.

IMG_7634Fox Team replica kit now available.

And finally, some riders we met on our travels today:

IMG_7639Ruaridh Cunningham rides for Trek/Unior Tools

IMG_7635Luca Shaw from the SRAM/TLD Racing Team


and Roger, a privateer from Brazil who, despite speaking very little English, endured a ride to the top of the mountain in the gondola with me with uncommon good grace. Good luck, Roger!

If you’re interested in keeping abreast of our take on the happenings at Fort William, take a look at our Fort William Twitter feed..



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    Best read in the style of Sideshow Bob ;o)

    Good to see Nial taking advantage of the resources on hand to get his bike serviced 🙂

    Go Nial!!!

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