Midweek Mini Movies 203

by Dave Anderson 3

It’s that time of week again, for a little bit of bike riding viewing to escape the daily toil.

Tune in, brew up and slack off with this week’s Midweek Mini Movies…

Tweedlove dual slalom – Gee Milner Films

instagram: @geemilner
facebook: gee milner films

This Is Peaty – Season 3, Episode 2

“It’s been a busy few weeks since South Africa!”

Peaty wasn’t lying when he said it’d been a hectic couple of weeks since the first UCI World Cup round.

Starting with the annual pilgrimage to the Scottish Six Day Trial with James Dabill, then onto the Swiss Alps with Claudio Calouri to scout a new World Cup track for 2015…

All of this was perfect training for Peaty’s home race, ‘Steel CIty Downhill’, the world biggest/smallest downhill race.
An amazing weekend, with a huge turnout… did Steve take his 4th win in a row?

When you think Australia, you think dry,baron and dusty. Cairns was certainly the opposite, which made for a memorable week of both racing and off the bike adventures.

This Is Peaty – Fort William Helmet Cam run

Watch Peaty and Ratboy get loose, up high on Aonach Moor, Fort William.

Shredit – Miles Racing

Rider: Carlo Dieckmann

Edit: Sebastian Schieck@mtbisokay

Music: “Rockitfuel” by Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell


Carson Storch – Chromag Bikes

Short MTB film for Carson Storch and Chromag Bikes.

Tucker’s Triumph

In celebration of the Tour de France Grand Depart on 5th July Timothy Taylor’s has taken to YouTube for the very first time.

The ‘tongue in cheek’ short film, Tucker’s Triumph, set in the Yorkshire Dales, Keighley and Haworth features Roy Tucker, an amateur cyclist, competing against a peloton of professional riders. In the early stages Tucker is clearly struggling but after taking a short cut through Timothy Taylor’s brewery to repair a puncture and the inspiration of a Landlord branded cycle shirt, our hero speeds to victory. For Tucker there is only one way to reward his memorable triumph — a well deserved pint of Landlord, the beer that rewards exceptional taste, in the Fleece Inn, Haworth.

Life Behind Bars – Freeride MTB and horseback riding – Season 3 Ep 4

The Crew heads back to Utah to shoot for Brandon Semenuks “Rad Company”. Doerfling, McCaul, and Zink join Semenuk building and filming lines in the desert. R-dog and Logan join up to do some Freeride Horseback riding at Jacobs Ranch and Brandon’s “Ferrari” horse gives him a run for his money.

Corral Trail: Mountain Bike Community / Forest Service Partnership

Produced by: FirstTracksProductions.com The recent work on Corral Trail in South Lake Tahoe, CA showcases the coming together of the mountain bike community – fostered by Tamba.org and the US Forest Service to create mountain bike specific features for users of all abilities on public lands. As avid mountain bikers, we’re incredibly fortunate to have this in our backyard and we encourage you to come up and ride some laps. Until then, check out the story of how it all came together and see some action from the new features!

a nomad’s life

Life as a cycling nomad. More about me and my project on showmetheworld.de

The Silverback – Never Grow Up

Plonsracing proving that getting old doesn’t mean growing up. Watch Plons abusing his Pyga 4″ Trailbike on some of the roughest trails around here.

Shot locally here in Taunus / Frankfurt and around Genk, Belgium.

Y Tu Bicicletta También

3 week road trip through France, Spain and Portugal visiting some of the more out of the way mountain biking spots and seeing what the Iberian Peninsular has to offer. Turns out it’s quite a lot and we only just scratched the surface….which means there is plenty left for the next time 😀

Big thanks to Abarcando MTB Guiding, Ride Portugal and Pure Mountains for showing us some of the amazing trails in their parts of the world, and to Windwave, Cotic and Exempt for helping us get kitted out ready for the trip!

Shot mostly on a Nilox Foolish with some bits on a Canon Ixus. Music is Skyscraper my Matrix & Futurebound.

Project ENDURO – Snowdon Downhill 4 Wheel bike


POPPIN JOHN (Soulbotics Krew) & MADD CHADD (StepUp3D)

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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  3. 2 things: one that 4 wheel chair looks amazing and terrifying at the same time.

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