Fresh Goods Friday 196

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Thanks a lot Glastonbury for making it rain this weekend. we’d better have some Fresh Goods to brighten up Friday hey?

Singular Swift

Well Swift
Well Swift

A nice and simple but sweet 29er frame with 29er+ compatible fork up front and room for a 2.4 out back too.

Price: £495.00

From: Singular Cycles

Morvelo Scrub Orange Mens and Polka Womens MTB Jerseys

Sooo enDuro
The Chuckle Brothers have let themselves go…

Get your trail/enduro/just riding your bike* on with these long sleeved jerseys straight outta Brighton.

*delete as appropriate

Price: £60.00

Morvelo T Shirts

Big T's
Big T’s

And for après riding there’s a T shirt to suit you sir too.

Price: £25.00

From: Morvelo

Smith Overtake Helmet

Wolverine’s let himself go

Read all about it here here’s possible the coolest helmet you’ll ever wear thanks to the power of straws.

Price: £147-183ish TBC

From: Saddleback

Bettys 1919 Victory Bear

Dis bear
Dis bear

Random fresh goods of the week courtesy of the renowned Yorkshire tea shop Bettys, sent with love according to the accompanying note.

Price: £29.95

From: Bettys

Yorkshire Rose Stem Cap

T'Tour Rose
T’Tour Rose

It’s all about Le Tour in that Yorkshire at the moment. To celebrate how about a CNC’d Rose for your stem?

Price: £30.00

From: Christopher Perry

Camelbak Charge


Fast and light? You’ll be needing the lumber pack style of the Camelbak Charge 1o litre pack yeah?

Price: £84.99

Camelbak Spark


And for the lady/girl/women/chick* how about the Spark 10 litre

*delete as appropriate

Price: £84.99

From: Zyro

Fox 34 FLOAT / 160 FIT CTD W/Trail Adjust

34 Talas

2015 trail adjust CTD Floats for all your climbing and descending needs. 160mm for the going down and 130mm for those long alpine climbs. Sorted.

Price: £990.00

Fox 32 Kashima Float 27.5 120mm


If you’re more XC/Trail how about the shorter and sweet Float 120m?

Price: TBC

Fox 32 Kashima Float 29 100mm

32 29
32 29

Classic XC 100mm forks for a bit of trail riding 29er action.

Price: £850.00

From: Mojo

Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle

Ergon-omic for the people
Ergon-omic for the people

An enduro/all mountain/trail saddle as ridden by Fabien Barel and the Schleyer.

Price: £109.99

Ergon BX1 Backpack

What's on your back Jack?
What’s on your back Jack?

Super light and looking sleek it’s the Ergon BX1 backpack for carrying stuff on your back.

Price: £79.99

From: Extra UK

Artist on a Bike Mug


Dishwasher proof bone china mug for the drinking of post ride tea.

Price: £14.00

From: Artistonabike

Niner Hipflask

Hip flask
Hip flask

Worth putting up with Chipps’ “That one time a presscamp” stories for. It’s the exclusive Niner schwag flask and shot glass combo. He’s a pro schmoozer is Mr Chippendale.


From: Niner Bikes

That’s it for this week, we’re off out to search for the perfect brown pow wave, like those guys in Point Break, but in Calderdale not California…

Comments (17)

    Which one?

    Sorry, IGMC…

    That Yorkshire rose stem cap comes in red!

    Oohh I like the colour of the new Singular.

    Too much letting go this week. I am so fickle

    The axe by the radiator belongs to Chipps ?

    Mmmm nearly £1000 for a fork…

    …but £500 for a really nice frame with no fork required.

    Good to see Fox’s pricing is still mental – X-Fusion it is 🙂
    95% as good, 50% the price!

    So Chipps,open to offers on the hip flask,will look cool at SSUK matey 😉

    Fox are taking the piss at those prices.

    Like the Singular a lot, though isn’t the Rooster Sam’s new 29+ frame? The Swift is a much nicer colour mind you.

    Those stem caps are amazing. Not sure why you’d want a Yorkshire rose in red though.

    The Rooster is full 29+ front and rear. The Swift (and Gryphon) now have 29+ compatible forks. Acres of clearance for a 2.4 on a 50mm rim in the back, so I’m hopeful that the new slightly narrower 29+ tyres will fit a current Swift without issue – a 3″ Knard does squeeze in there but gets a bit of rub.

    Nearest thing to a white rose is the silver one…..Hmmm.
    Might have to press the button anyway.
    Still, the cheapest thing in his portfolio! Some very nice stuff, but don’t think I can justify that sort of money for a pot. Can’t really justify 30 quid for a stem cap 😉

    ……somebody only gotta small chopper??, anyhoo it’s how you use it…

    That’s just the van axe

    Like the Tudor rose!

    mmmmmm she’s a good girl, amazing gate!

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