Salsa Purple Reign Prototype

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We’ve just got the tipoff on this crazy machine that’s just appeared on Salsa’s blog where there’s a little more about it – it’s a mutant combination of a Salsa Fargo and a Salsa Mukluk. It’s just a prototype, so no, you can’t order one and Salsa isn’t even saying it’s going to make one.

Just a normal ride in the woods, right?
Wait a second…
They should call it ‘The Great Divisive’

What do you all reckon then? Kill, or (the) cure?

Salsa’s always-interesting blog can be found here:

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    Interestingly enough, I will be building my new Singular Puffin up with drop bars.

    I’m sure epicylo’s been riding drops on his Pugsley for donkeys

    niche to the max – briliant 🙂

    As swavis says. A scout through epicyclos posting history here on STW will throw up a slew of piccies of drop-barred fatbikes.

    Only needs gearbox and dropper to cause a black hole of niche to open up and swallow the nearest bearded rider…

    My god…. That is one ugly bike

    Oh my god, I think I want one! It’s so wrong that it’s right

    Salsa phatfuka if they are looking for a name..

    Rumour has it the provisional name was Fukluk.

    Well hello…. ok that is strangely nice. But I have had two Fargos…

    I really like the look of that to the point if they don’t make on then i may be tempted to put my own together!

    love It!!!!!

    I don’t want to like it and I cant see the point
    BUT it looks so right !

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