Fresh Goods Friday 191

by 11

What’s that under those black clouds? Is it the weekend?

That makes it time for this week’s serving of sweet, sweet Fresh Goods that have dropped at ST Towers…

Genesis High Latitude LT

It’s got latitude…

An inbetweener hardtail with inbetweener travel? The High Latitude LT is a Reynolds 631 framed trail orientated 27.5’er with a Deore drivetrain and 120mm of travel up front.

Price: £1499.00

From: Genesis

Ibis 741 Carbon wheels

Phat rims
Phat rims

27.5 carbon wheels with a nice and fat 41mm width. Chipps is busy pimping his ride with these.

Price: £1199

From: 2Pure

Rockshox Monarch RT3 Debonair


Dave’s just upgraded his LTc with the new silky smooth Monarch Debonair; with an increased volume negative air it’s far more responsive to small bumps and it’s murdered out black to match the rest of the bike’s bits. Bonus!

Price: € 324-347 (UK Pricing TBC)

From: Fisher Outdoor

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Big Brother's little brother
Big Brother’s little brother

Capture your life in glorious HD video and post up some sick edits in the internetz…

Price: £359.99

From: Madison

Continental Trail King 2.2 Protection

Like the Lion King but for Trails
Like the Lion King but for Trails

All round trail tyres for all round riding.

Price: £49.99

From: Continental

Race Face Khyber Women’s Short and Jersey

Carry on Up the Khyber
Carry on Up the Khyber

Popping nu colour clothing for the enduro generation. Ditch the grey, kids .

Price: Short £76.95/3/4 Jersey £49.95

Race Face Trigger Glove

Palm reader?
Palm reader?

Lime backs and cool little palm prints help keep your finger on it.

Price: £29.95

From: Silverfish

Key Smart

Swiss army key
Swiss army key

Forget about that jangling in your pants granddad, all the cool kids are using Key Smart. Like an expandable swiss army key fob handmade in the US of A.

Price: From $25.00

From: Key Smart

And finally, introducing our new man.

It’s Barney! He’s not close, he is that tall…

New man
New man

That’s it for this week folks! We’re all heading up to Tweedlove to hit up some sweet Scottish borders brown pow, and ride bikes. GET IN…

Comments (11)

    Nobody let themselves go this week 🙁

    And what, pray tell, contribution be Sir Barnabus making to your fine publication?

    Liking Jorji’s “Eagle Eyed Action Man” impression in the last pic…. 😉

    How much for the Barney? Too expensive, I bet.

    We’re struggling to better “Nick Knowles has let himself go” from the other week 😉

    I are a writer of rongs 🙂

    If I’d known you were going to take a pic, Dave, I’d have brushed my hair…

    ..actually, probably not.

    Barney, did you bring your daughter’s lunch to work by accident?

    Depressingly, that contained carrots. But it’s weird how the only tupperware in the house when you have small children seems to have pictures of kittens on it 🙂

    I reckon you’d have your ‘key smart’ confiscated if you tried to go through an airport or into a nightclub

    Great idea though 🙂

    I’d never describe Barney as ‘Fresh Goods’ ether…

    That Key Smart is a damn good idea, I said to my wife “Jen, that Key Smart is a damn good idea”.

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