Sea Otter: Wide HED rims for snow, trail, and road

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What’s the Big Deal?

A lot of rim... that doesn't weigh a lot.
A lot of rim… that doesn’t weigh a lot.

Since discontinuing their Downhill rims in the late ’90s, HED has had little to offer to the dirt world.  That is, until now.  Based in the cold, snowy state of Minnesota, HED saw the fatbike craze exploding around them, and thought that they could bring something to the market.  Enter the Big Deal.

Made in-house of 450g worth of carbon fibre and decals, the Big Deal was designed from the ground up to be run tubeless using only a layer of Gorilla (gaffer) Tape over the spoke nipples.  Dual bead grooves allow for easy tyre mounting and simplify tubeless seating by locating the tyre beads  closer to their natural position.  Overall width is a healthy 85mm.

The Big Deal can only be built by HED using your hubs or stocked fatbike models from Industry Nine, 907, or Borealis.  Prices vary, but tend to land around the $2,000 mark depending on hubs used (UK pricing is not currently available).

25mm wide, tubeless-ready
25mm wide, tubeless-ready

A bigger rim, for bigger tyre, for more grip, for a smoother ride, for a bigger smile, for a happier faster you!

One of the first companies to really begin pushing road rim widths, HED is a big fan of the wide rim + low pressure = low rolling resistance + better ride equation.  With the original Ardennes rims’ 23mm width now common and given the growing popularity of tubeless road and cyclocross tyres, it was time for an update.  The Ardennes Plus is a 25mm wide, tubeless ready road, gravel, and ‘cross wheelset.  Available in several versions for both rim and disc brakes, the Ardennes Plus series ranges in price from $900-$1,350 / £650-£1,000.

HED is distributed in the UK by Ciclismo.

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