Sea Otter: Salsa Launches Bucksaw full suspension fat bike

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It’s been one of those three years in the making secrets that lots of people seem to know about, but it’s finally here. The Salsa Bucksaw is aimed at ‘out there’ riding “whether dirt, sand or rock”. There’s no mention of snow – and Salsa has always been keen to say that fat bikes aren’t just for snow, they can be fun trail bikes too.

Two levels of spec – here’s the 1x version.
Is that a RockShox fork? Yep, it’s the new Bluto 100mm fork.

The Bucksaw has 100mm travel front and rear, courtesy of a Monarch shock and an ‘also launching today’ Bluto fork from Rockshox. The frame features the same Split Pivot tech as it’s popular Spearfish and Horsethief bikes but also gains carbon fibre seat stays for stiffness and lighter weight.

Compatible with 3.8 tyres (on 82mm rims) it features 177mm rear spacing (a bit like the 142mm standard, but for fat bike thru-axles), press fit 41 (121mm) bottom bracket and, well, you get the idea.

Not just for snow. Fat bikes are for everything, reckons Salsa

There will be four sizes: Small through X-Large size with ‘exceptional stand over clearance’

In the flesh photos to follow later. But for now, here’s a link.

More here:

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Comments (7)

    Think the Ice cream truck will be enough of an animal without needing 100mm of travel, it’s all in the tire width with these things…

    I’m not in the market for a fat bike, but that 1x version is a wonderful colour…

    Waiting for Salsa to bring out a 29+ El Mariachi with firestarter carbon forks (in that blue!)

    I always thought the whole point of a fat bike is that the suspension is in the tyres, the benefits of a hardtail with rigid fork but with give and added traction from the supersize tyres..
    The tyre pressures in a full Suss fat bike would surely work against the suspension?

    If I could afford it I would definitely have one just for the fun of it and the looks!

    +1 Ade
    Tuning the rebound of the suspension with the pressure of the tyres?
    Jelly on a plate, wibble wobble…

    Ade, yes also a little surprised as bought my Fatty for the fun and convenience of no shock – suspension through the mahoosive tyres. Cut Gate, Jacob’s Ladder etc., handled more than adequately. I’m ooot ….

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