Midweek Mini Movies 194

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Daily grind getting you down? Forget all about it and start dreaming of the weekend with this week’s dose of bike video distraction.

Slack off, tune in, brew up..

In Search of Peaty

Ed is back!

After last year’s Internet phenomenon, “The Chop” vimeo.com/79572828 which had over 32,000 views and a showing at the Kendal Mountain Festival, Ed Oxley aka Great Rock great-rock.co.uk is back with more stories from the hills.

“Despite an apparent beheading at the end of his last film, Ed has returned! Come with him as he joins Andy McKenna from Go Where Scotland go-where.co.uk/ on another journey of discovery, not this time into the strange alternate universe of Accrington, but instead into the wilds of Scotland. Ed searches for the ‘Peaty’ he’s heard so much about but never tasted – but what will this search lead to?

A story of bothies, bogs (both sat on and rode over) beer, bikes and something Peaty….

The first from a series of four longer videos scheduled for 2014, this story of adventure chimes with Ed’s plans for the rest of the year, with a whole host of new guided trips in the UK and abroad, adding to the renowned skills courses run by Great Rock great-rock.co.uk

Weir Ranch

A bit of Weir to celebrate the fact he’s back on the bike already…

Athertons Malaga Training Camp

How does top mountain bike team Atherton Racing get prepped for the race season? Watch and find out.

Herbstfahrtln 2013

Hike a bike and euro hopping goodness.

Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2014 round #01 – Dabo – France

We couldn’t have wished for better weather for the launch of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2014. Even at 8 a.m. Sunday morning, the sun was already out to welcome the competitors as they picked up their race numbers and set off for the first transition to the Schleiff mountain pass above Dabo. On the program me was a 36 km circuit peppered with 6 timed specials with 1465m of ascents and 1900m of descents. The starting line up at Dabo included some of the world’s leading Enduro riders: Nicolas Lau, Rémy Absalon, François Bailly-Maitre among the boys, and Claire Hassenfratz among the girls. In total, more than 400 riders took part with a large contingent of German and Swiss riders who had crossed over from neighbouring countries.

4 year old BMX twins

Jake and Theo riding (and crashing) their bikes over the last few months in NZ

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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