Mavic Notch H2O

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Mavic are well known for their quality cycling cut and design of their clothing and apparel, the Notch H2O maintains this reputation.

It comes in a stand-out green, with a bright yellow inner collar, blue zip and piping around the cuff, or for those looking for a jacket that can blend into the crowd there’s a subtle black.

The cut and detailing is one of a jacket double the price. Long articulated sleeves give ease of movement and prevent huge gaps appearing between the bound cuffs and your gloves. A long back with a sweeping elasticated hem helps to keep some of the crap away from your bum. While looking at the back of the jacket there are two long vertical zips that slightly increase the volume of the jacket; Mavic call this ‘Back Pak’. The extra space is designed so you can carry a small pack under it, I must reiterate a SMALL pack; I have only used this feature a couple of times as usually my pack has been too large.

Onto the front of the jacket: the zip is covered by a storm flap, it doesn’t have any securing velcro to collect grime so can flap around a little when riding at speed. There is one useful chest pocket with a large user-friendly toggle and is big enough for either a phone or some gels.

Mavic quote the H2O as 5,000mm waterproof and it’s proved to be just about right for most of my rides where a couple of hours rain have had to be endured. If you’re out all day in a monsoon you may want something a bit less breathable and more waterproof, it is however a nice balance of packability, waterproofness and breathability.

Overall: The Mavic Notch H2O has a fantastic cycling cut with well thought-out features and good breathability. I’d say it’s well worth the price.

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Product:Notch H2O
Tested:by Richard for Six months

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