DH World Champion Jürgen Beneke is back!

by Marc Basiliere 2

And wants you to buy a bike shelf…

Perfect for that old Manitou that's too scary to ride
Perfect for that old Manitou that’s gotten too scary to ride. And some trophies.

It’s not every day that one gets an e-mail from Jürgen Beneke.  Those of us who were riding in the early ’90s will remember him as a force to be reckoned with on the descents, so much so that he took the 1993 Downhill World Championship.  Retired for over a decade, he hasn’t lost his love for bikes and is now trying to Kickstart a simple-yet-effective bicycle-and-medal storage shelf.

Simple, yet effective.
Simple, yet effective.

Rather than trying to accommodate varying frame designs and sizes, the Shelfie supports a bike (or parts thereof) from the nose of its saddle.  The design doesn’t mar paint, crimp cables, or require adjustment for different rides.  It’s not the most stable configuration, but could work well away from high-traffic household areas if one’s bars aren’t too wide.  The integrated cubby is sized for a helmet and accessories and, moulded in white or gray plastic, it’s reasonably modern and handsome.

A $60 international shipping cost brings the Kickstarter price to $185 (£110), meaning that the Shelfie won’t be for everyone.  But for easy access of a daily ride or the display of a cherished classic, it’s not a bad looking option.



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  1. Very elegant, but sadly not much use for my dropper-equipped, 785mm wide bars, bike.

    (Presumably will also need a matching drip trat for wet days).

  2. mrs H would love to have my dirty bike on the wall in the kitchen

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