Contour is – finally – back!

by Marc Basiliere 3

Well-loved camera maker returns from brink

This time, in colour(s)
Do colourful cameras make colourful videos?

Driven by a form follows function philosophy and guided by the principle that simpler is often better, Contour cameras have long had their fans.  After abruptly shutting down last summer, the company has completed a financial overhaul and relocated from Seattle to the emerging bike industry hub of Provo, Utah.

“In the coming months Contour plans to launch new cameras that feature the same award winning, streamlined styling that has set its products apart for more than a decade.”

While the existing high-end Contour+2 and Roam2 cameras are again available, more products are expected to follow soon in the same mould.  That means sticking with the bullet form factor, easy-operate sliding switches, and rotating lens bezels that have become the Contour trademarks.  The unique and useful laser aiming system should also be carried into new models.

Cameras... with frickin' lasers.
Cameras… with frickin’ lasers.

Having been left in the cold for the past nine months, existing Contour customers with product issues are now being encouraged to contact the company at, placing “Warranty” in the subject line.  More details can be found at the Contour website’s Warranties & Service tab.

European distributors Ultra Sport are currently taking orders for both the £360/$300 Contour+2 (out of stock) and the £170/$200 Contour ROAM2 (limited quantities) at  Going forward, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new cameras and accessories from the resurgent brand.

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  1. I’ve got a ROAM2 and I love it. Simpler is better when I need to operate it with gloves on and without removing it from my helmet.

    The only problem I ever had was when the temp dropped below -25C when snow boarding and then battery life was much shortened but that was outside the specified operating conditions and to be honest completed expected.

  2. Anybody got any views on it’s low light (evening and night) capabilities?
    Really want to get a camera but heard that Contour isn’t great at nights…
    Does the new one improve at all in this area.

  3. I’ve had a ROAM2 since the new year and love it too.

    As powerbenny says, on the trails simpler is definitely better and having just an on/off switch and the lens angle to worry about (if you’re changing mounts all the time) is great.

    Good to hear the company’s got a lot more life left in it.

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