Azonic 40mm Stem

by Dave Anderson 0


Stems are one of those products that really defy measurable reviewing let’s face it.

There are just too many variables that are going to affect feel out on the trail to make sense of any direct measurement of force or strength in the workshop. So really the only things that matter when it comes to stem choice are, in order of importance (according to me), length, aesthetics and possibly weight. I say possibly weight because as long as it doesn’t weigh a metric ton it’s only really going matter to a german or a weight weenie.

The Azonic Riot, built from 6061 aluminium, feels suitably robust ‘in the hand’, and coming in a 40mm length, 0º rise and ‘almost matching my Highball’ Blue (other colours are available) seemed the perfect choice to strap a pair of nice wide bars to my bike.  With nice chunky 5mm bolts everything tightens up nice and easily with a reassuring twist of the allen key – there’s little risk of rounding out bolts here.

Steering is now suitably snappy and the stem has never failed to point where I steer it to. What more can you ask for really?

Overall: A short and neat stem, that feels reassuringly robust.

Review Info

Product:Riot 40mm Stem
From:2 Wheel Distribution
Tested:by Dave for Two months