Tuesday Treats 80: Qwerty Cycles

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This week, we’re revisiting: Qwerty Cycles

So you ride Cannondale do you?

Looking for a one-stop-shop for advice, spares and info on all things ‘dale? 

Rachel, Lloyd and the team at Qwerty Cycles are rapidly building an international reputation as the place to go for fast and efficient online service.

STW3Remind us how Qwerty came about Rachel?

For those who are coming to us fresh… The reason we established Qwerty Cycles in 2011 was that as Cannondale riders ourselves, we really struggled to get the parts we needed to keep our bikes in top shape. No-one out there seemed to be able to source the parts quickly enough, so we took matters in our own hands!

In our experience, Cannondale riders are devoted to the brand and we provide the service all Cannondale riders need with all the spare parts and accessories available. Most UK bike shops don’t stock all the spares that keep Cannondale’s on the trails. The last thing we want is your Cannondale sat in the workshop … it deserves to be out on show.

Tell us more …

Our online shop stocks a pretty conclusive list of specific model parts and accessories for Cannondale rider’s needs. In addition to this we also provide a virtual 24 hour service for any advice including servicing and compatibility of parts. The translation is sometimes the fun bit, as we get questions from all around the world. Google translator is our best friend!

Look a little closer. The clue is all in the name

Have any new developments taken you by surprise?

We’re really interested in getting Cannondale fans together to share their love of the brand and as a result we launched ‘Bike of the Month’ on our site. This has been really popular and we have received some great pictures from some very proud Cannondale riders. Pictures range from the retro classics to the bang up to date Evo road bikes, Scalpel 29’ers and CAADX Cylcocross bikes. Importantly, each month we choose our favourite photo to be displayed on our website and Facebook page, the lucky winner gets a 20% discount code.

What’s hot in-store?

The 2014 Lefty’s have now landed and are selling very well. We have seen these legendary forks also creeping onto non Cannondale bikes over the last year. We were very proud that Ted James Design used one of our Carbon XLR’s to feature at the Bespoked Bristol Custom Build show last year.

custom bristol
A custom build needs a custom Qwerty, carbon Lefty. Simple!

Otherwise, we have also started stocking some of the top end frames, to allow customers to create their own custom builds. Currently we are stocking road frames, but we hope that Cannondale will do MTB frames in the near future! If they do, we’ll be the place to go.

What’s coming up that we really need to know about?

On Sunday 6th April, we are really very excited to be co-ordinating the inaugural Cannondale Owners Club Ride event, at Afan Forest Park (Wales), in association with Cannondale UK who will be providing the latest 2014 MTB range for testing. We really want this event to become an annual fixture in the calendar, so come on down. We’ll even promise a warm welcome for all you non Cannondale riders! so bring your pals and we’ll let them see what they’re missing!

Any questions about the event please get in touch here. We are also on Twitter and over on Facebook. There is always this too… info@qwertycycles.co.uk

lloyd Early races ribbsford
Our Lloyd, from the Qwerty archives

Lastly, what do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

We offer readers 10% off the whole Qwerty range, using code STW10.

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