Trakke Krukke Backpack

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Despite the rather Nordic sounding name, this backpack is lovingly handmade by Glaswegians, in… er.. Glasgow. It’s designed (according to the website) to be “versatile and adaptable to any expedition”.

As is the case with bags like this, the Krukke is essentially one large bag with sundry pockets etc. festooned all over it, although in this particular case care has been taken to maintain a pleasingly minimal aesthetic. So no unsightly bulges here: when it’s packed it all looks rather elegant and streamlined. There’s a large flat pocket which will just fit A4 documents or the like (or a skinny laptop at a push, although you’d be wanting some padding with that, sir), a couple of open side pockets which are fairly straightforward to rummage around in when you’re wearing it, and a pocket in the lid compartment. There’s no provision for a bladder, however. The main compartment is plenty large enough, and has more volume than my daily use far-from-small courier bag.

The shoulder straps aren’t particularly padded, but they’re wide enough, and seem to be reasonably comfortable under load. Perhaps surprisingly (especially at the price) there is no waist strap supplied, although the pack feels nicely stable even without, provided you’ve followed the cardinal rule of putting all the heavy stuff at the bottom. Buckles are provided so you can install your own strap should you desire. There are also loops aplenty so you can festoon your bag with things should you wish.

Our test example was made out of waxed cotton, which renders things nicely waterproof, and means it looks as good now as it did when it first arrived at the office. No mean feat, this: it survived unscathed an over the bars commuting incident which saw your correspondent’s collarbone snapped in two. I still have scars – the bag does not.

Apart from that incident, I can report that the backpack is comfortable and convenient. Perhaps unsurprisingly (waxed cotton, remember) it’s a little sweaty on long commutes, but (if you’ve got the cash) as a rugged, luxury do-anything commuter bag it’s well worth considering.                                                                    


Review Info

Brand: Trakke
Product: Krukke backpack
Price: £180
Tested: by Barney for Six months
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