OneUP Components add 40t sprocket to range

by Dave Anderson 5

Here’s the latest from OneUP on the new addition to their range...
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One ring etc, etc
Building on the success of our 42T we’ve decided to add a 40T sprocket to our line.  This has been specifically designed to run with Zee FR and Saint derailleurs. Our new 40T will work with Zee FR and Saint with the mode converter in Freeride mode, on most bikes, excluding full suspension bikes with more than 25mm of chain growth.  Bikes with high chain growth running Zee FR/Saint do not have enough chain capacity to allow for full rear travel when in the 40T.
The new 40T has all of the same tried and trusted features as our 42T. It’s compatible with most Sram and Shimano 10X rear derailleurs, no need to be limited to just one drivetrain company.  It’s machined from 7075-T6, weighs in at 70g and has 8 upshift points and costs $90 including shipping.
We don’t recommend our 42T be used with Zee FR/Saint.  But for all other riders not running these we still recommend the 42T to maximize your usable gear range.
The only customer complaint we’ve had with our 42T sprocket is that we can’t make them fast enough!
With this in mind we will have stock of the new 40T in all our warehouses (USA, UK and Canada) on or before Mar 17th.   Shipping is free worldwide and there are no taxes or duties for shipping anywhere in the EU.
We can now also recommend that our 40/42T sprockets can be used with both SLX HG81 and 1080 cassettes. Check out our updated compatibility page for full details.
You can read our Speed Date review of the 42T here:

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  1. $90…., now Hope have released their T-Rex 40T for £60 there is some competition…..

  2. I can vouch for the 42t, the first ride with it fitted over the weekend was excellent, just means that your 1×10 can handle anything…I don’t see a down side.

    Took minutes to fit and I noticed no lag in shifting performance. After reading a US 1×10 guide I opted to swap-out the 15t for a spare 16t which seemed a nicer spacing.

    Highly recommended. Just waiting for a Wolf Tooth Drop Stop GXP chain ring now ;0)

  3. I like the ‘work less, ride more’ etching on a single sprocket that costs as much as two full cassettes.

  4. Yes, when viewed simply, it’s a daft amount of money to spend on a single sprocket. I justified it by buying a bike without any of that annoying front mech malarkey and working on wishful thinking that I’ll wear out the rest of the cassette before the lowest gear, so this might last 2 cassettes. And I agree with Jenksruss, it was easy to fit and just works. And with a RF NW 32t, I had enough gears. Didn’t bother with a 16t sprocket and didn’t really notice the gap. New colours other than green and black would be nice. Most cassettes are silver and most bikes aren’t green…

  5. Also worth noting that there’s no import tax or duty to pay as they’re shipped to a distributor in the UK for onwards postage. Just been caught out with that ordering a part from the US.

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