Midweek Mini Movies 191

by Dave Anderson 2

Is it Wednesday already? You’re ready for some distraction yeah?

Log off, tune in, brew on, feet up, skive off…

North Official Trailer

Premiering at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2014 (SHAFF), North is an artistically shot mountain bike film by Tom Richards/Furnival Media, in collaboration with Override Cycleworks. From classic cross country riding in the Peak District to downhill in the famous Wharncliffe Woods, North explores the diverse range of riding in and around Sheffield. Whilst primarily being a mountain bike film, North also exposes the audience to the incredible landscape that lies on the doorstep of the city.

Filmed over a period of 3 months in between work and bad weather, North is my first longer length film. The combination of the cinematography, sound and music will take you on a journey through some of the best riding spots around Sheffield, leaving you longing to get out on your bike and explore.


RockShox B.I.K.E.

It all started with two friends talking smack on Facebook. Friendly banter on Facebook between two of mountain biking’s biggest stars (Red Bull Rampage winner Kurt Sorge and Strength in Numbers star Ryan Howard), escalated into a challenge to duel it out in a no-holds-barred game of B-I-K-E. RockShox got wind and offered 5,000 bucks to the winner if the game was played live on the RockShox wall. (Oh, and the loser had to get their chest redecorated with a henna tattoo of the winner’s choosing.) Sorge and Howard agreed, and it was off to Canada.

Cotic Bikes Presents- ‘Friday Escapade’

We have a couple of new frames to tell you about: The new Escapade and Roadrat3. Escapade is a new drop bar frame to replace the X. It takes all of the great features of the Roadrat and the X, along with some improvements and combines them all into a tough, fun, fast road bike. The Roadrat3 takes the proven geometry of the previous versions and adds the new features from the Escapade; the stiffer tubeset, the bolt thru fork, the clean disc only design.

A few years ago one of us coined the phrase Life Bike as a kind of shorthand tongue-in-cheek name for that workhorse that does a bit of everything. Your going to work bike, your going to the shops bike, your getting away from it all bike. It may sound a little cheesy, but that’s exactly what the Escapade and the Roadrat represent for us, and hopefully for you too. Tyres big and floaty or small and fast. Derailleur gears, hub gears, single gear. Mudguards, panniers, bottle cages. Strip it all down and speed into the City. Load up and head off into the hills, just like these guys in the video.

Ben Cathro Tallboy LTC Bike Check

Ben Gives the lowdown on his new Enduro race bike and shreds some trails while he’s at it.

The Lone Wolf – Part 1

This is the first of a three part mini-series following the riders that make up the family that is the Ibis Cycles UK Enduro Team.

Scour the realms of Scotland and rummage the depths of endurance racing to get a detailed glimpse of what makes everyone in the team excited to just ride their bikes. Revolving around the inaugural year of the POC Scottish Enduro Series, we take a new direction to show you the best and most realistic action from select races.

Part 1 – “The Lone Wolf” – closely follows young Lewis Kirkwood as he tackles the gruelling Scottish winter in one of the country’s wildest race locations, Nevis Range. Horrendous weather conditions combined with the challenge of collecting data for his Edinburgh Napier University Project provides us with a demanding and unique perspective of Lewis’ weekend.


Shot and Edited by Dominic Simmons

OutdoorNI – Northern Ireland Trails

A network of trail centres in Northern Ireland

Mountain Bike Skills-Part 1,How to Manual with Chris Smith

Part 1 ,How to Manual Wheelie a Mountain Bike.

Bent Out of Shape

One moment David Parke is enjoying the beauty and rush of a mountain bike ride and the next he’s motionless confined to a hospital bed. Watch his inspirational story as he fights to get back on his feet after a spinal cord injury.

Bonaly In March

Wee session at the Bonaly trails on a late afternoon in March.

Cinder Cone Time Machine

Join us on a ride through Kona’s 27-year long history making trail ripping mountain bikes. Together again, for the first time (crazy, right?), an original 1988 Kona Cinder Cone shares the trail with its 2014 off-spring. Hop on a true mountain bike original and Kona’s longest bike model and blast through a quarter century of fun.

Lee Gratton – 2014 prep

Ok, so the wheel size argument could possibly go for ever, either way, wouldn’t you rather just see someone shred it whatever they are riding!

Lee Gratton is a midlands based rider riding for Trek Coventry in 2014. Originally coming from a downhill background, racing in the British Downhill Series for a few years he found a new love in Cross Country racing. Even after missing the last three races of 2013 due to breaking his wrist and collar bone he was promoted into the elite category. So this year he has gone part time at work to get out riding as much as possible, training for this season.

Always smiling and such a pleasure to be around, make sure to keep an eye out for him at the UK Cross Country races.

The Bike Toss: A Short History

Inspired by Marcel Kittel’s “intense relationship” with his bike, we have compiled our favorite bike tossing clips into a short history of the art of the bike heave. This is by no means a completist’s collection, but these highlights fit really nicely into the time frame of the Joe Jackson track used for the soundtrack.




Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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  1. loving the ’88 cindercone. My first MTB. Sweet dreams

  2. I had the ’88 Cinder Cone too – great to see some of the details.

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