Infinity Pedal offers countless engagement points

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Elegantly simple design, now on Kickstarter…

All of the engagement,  all of the time.
All of the engagement,
all of the time.

In development for over five years, Möbius Cycling’s Infinity Pedal (no relation to the Infinity Seat) is one of the more minimal clipless pedal designs around.  Born of Salt Lake City inventor and entrepreneur Sam Hunter’s frustration with the need to find the engaging surfaces on both road and mountain pedals, the Infinity Pedal turns traditional engagement designs on their side, using a single lateral spring to allow the pedal’s conical ends to engage tabs on the cleat.

Mud performance to be verified
Mud performance to be verified

When the cleat is slid over the pedal, the sprung portion is guided into place and ramped tabs force the inner cone toward the outer.  With the cylindrical surface against cleat stop, the sprung surface engages.  Per usual, a twist of the heel releases the foot.

Just like that!
Just like that.

The simple design and lack of moving parts makes for a lightweight system: 236g per steel-axled pair, including cleats and hardware.  That’s an impressive 96g lighter than a pair of comparably-priced Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3 pedals.  Step up to titanium axles and weight drops to 190g per pair.  If and when it’s needed, rebuilding is said to be straightforward.

Don't forget the colours!
Don’t forget the colours!

We have a question in to Möbius’ founder (we don’t know how to say it either, but are rooting for moobius) about mud performance- Salt Lake City isn’t exactly know for moisture and pedals with female cleats haven’t always fared well after a tromp through the muck.  Float in initial versions will not be adjustable and the long cleat could pose positioning challenges for anyone with an unusual stance.

Update: We’ve just had a reply from Sam, the designer about our mud question. “I have has a lot of questions from the UK about mud. You guys must be swimming in it. You are correct, the design you see hold a lot of mud. We are in a redesign to open up the back of the cleat so the mud pushes out as you engage. Initial test have been positive. We will be updating the page as we get more info.”
So there you go. At least he’s aware of this ‘mud’ stuff.

Through Kickstarter, steel-spindled pedals are priced at $149 plus $65 for international shipping (£130 total).  Titanium-spindled models are expected to come in at 190g- and are predictably dear at $299 plus shipping (£220 total).  Both are expected to ship in September, 2014- but do read the fine print and Möbius’ “risks and challenges” before committing.

Infinity Pedal Kickstater Page

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