Fresh Goods Friday 180

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Another haul of sweet schwag product that’s hit the St Towers doormat this week…

Troy Lee A1 Helmet

Phoar hey hey?
Phoar hey hey?

Bling and protection in the same package? Our Dan is liking that combo…

Price: £139.99

From: Fishers Outdoor

POC Trabec

Hmm it's quite shiny
Hmm it’s quite shiny

And while we’re on shiny helmets, ahem. Dave’s swapped out for a less is more, shiny uranium black POC Trabec to get his enduro on. We’ve not heard if he’s finished polishing it yet…

Price: £140.00

From: 2 Pure

 Manitou Mattoc Pro 160mm 27.5 Fork

Hit that trail
Hit that trail

A 160mm hot new Manitou Mattoc Pro has just dropped in to spend some time hitting up the trails on. We’re looking forward to seeing how it measures up…

Price: £649.99

From: Hotlines

Blackspire Mono Veloce Narrow Wide Chainring

Green avenger
Green avenger

One ring for all mountain twiddling with plenty of chain retention too.

Price: £45.99

From: Hotlines

Bliss ARG Knee Pad

Do you knee'd them?
Do you knee’d them?

Armourgel pads to keep your knees sweet when you wipe out.

Price: £74.99

From: Madison

Bionicon eco

Guide me to the light
Guide me to the light

A tiny, light and economical solution to keeping your chain tight and on your ring.

Price: £23.99

From: Bionicon

 Hope 40T-Rex Ratio Expander Sprocket

Huge cogs
Huge cogs

A decent climbing cog to help expand your hill repertoire. There’s Shimano and SRAM versions available.

Price: £60.00

Hope Retainer Ring

Small ring
Small ring

30t single ring solution with no need to track down new chain ring bolts. Tasty and with narrow/wide teeth to help with chain retention.

Price: £45.00

Hope AM 35mm Stem

Well short
Well short

Short and sweet steering solution for swift spinning.

Price: £80.00

From: Hope Technology

Panaracer Neo Moto 27.5

Rubber fetish
Rubber fetish

The original 27.5/650b tyre from Pacenti now available via Panaracer in 2.30 flavour.

Price: £39.99

Panaracer Quasimodo

Skinny rubber love
Skinny rubber love

And if you need something skinnier how about the Quasimoto 2.10?

Price: £39.99

Both from: Zyro

 YEP Uptimizer

Dropper? Yep.
Dropper? Yep.

We ran the story about the Uptimizer and now we’ve got one in to test. Swiss made, air sprung and rather lovely.

Price: € 345,00 + shipping (~£287)

From: YEP Components

Universal Gear Hanger

It's universal. yeah?
It’s universal. yeah?

Worth dropping in your pack to deal with everybody’s mechanical s or snappage issues.

Price: From £18.99


Lazer Cappuccino Lock

Coffee anyone?
Coffee anyone?

A twelve quid helmet lock for that quick coffee stop as featured in our IceBike coverage.

Price: £12.99

From: Madison

That’s it for this week folks. Shred it at the weekend and we’ll see you Monday for the debrief…

Comments (8)

    Liking the look of the hope stuff – finally some threaded chainrings too!

    Don’t reckon much to that helmet lock. It’s got the code printed on it.Any idiot could unlock it.

    “A 160mm hot new Manitou Mattoc Pro ”
    Wheel size(s)?

    “Universal Gear Hanger”
    when its billed as universal, I can’t see how it fits 10mm thru axles, 10mm nutted axles, 12mm x 135mm/150mm, 12mm x 142mm. Also, it looks like you’ll need quite a few ‘spare’ threads on your 5mm skewer to fit this in and hold the wheel in properly
    I thought mech hangers were a bit of a rip at £15, but £19 for one that doesn’t fit properly?

    “Hope 40T-Rex Ratio Expander Sprocket
    Price: £60.00”
    How much?!
    granted its cheaper than a mech, shifter, cable, granny ring and bolts but its still twice what I’ve paid for whole SLX or PG980 carrier casettes

    How long has £13 minus a penny been twelve quid?

    The Hope ring can be charged at that not because it replaces a cassette that’s cheap, but because it replaces the need for a front mech, shifter, cable, outer, and chainring.

    The price is also justified by the lack of economies of scale, Shimano must pump out absolutley thousands of cassettes, while Hope must make not that much of these at all. Plus the tooling will be brand new to them.

    Still… My OneUpComponents 42t ring only got me £40. And my WorksComponent 32t thick thin cost me £35.

    James, the Mattoc comes in 26 and 27.5in
    OK, how about ‘nearly universal gear hanger for people with QR skewers’? 🙂 I’d hazard that because it’s threaded, it replaces your skewer locknut, which would give you the threads you need.

    of course, not thought of the hanger being threaded. that makes perfect sense

    Troy Lee A1 lid – can’t find anyone who stocks a nice orange one like yours, unless it’s a D3 carbon jobby at £400+!!!

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