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Stainburn has recently experienced unauthorised and destructive activities and these have now escalated to a point where it has become a real concern. We must ask that no-one take it upon themselves to remove, modify or add trail features unless at a SingletrAction Dig Day.

SingletrAction is a volunteer group using volunteer time and donations to build trails for all, and the removal of trail features by non-members is, frankly, a slap in the face to the current volunteers of the trail crew and all those who came before them.

We encourage regular attendees to suggest ideas and contribute input. If you would like to have a say in the future of trails and build things that will last – at Stainburn, or any other STA site – the only way is to get involved. We’re a friendly bunch, and are always happy to explain the current priorities to anyone who stops for a chat when we’re working on the trails, and you need no special knowledge or experience to attend a trail building day.

Lastly, if some of the features or sections of trail are causing you trouble (flat corners or rollers etc) there a number of skills courses run locally, including those by ProRideGuides (membership discounts available) who run courses at Stainburn, that will be able to build your skills, rather than you demolishing trails that other people enjoy.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you at a dig day soon.

SingletrAction Lead Volunteers.

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    If it’s too hard leave it as is and try to get good enough to ride it.

    If it’s really a poor feature (and yes, at times we’ve built a few, just like most other volunteers and even the “professionals”) come to a dig day or talk to us about it on the various media – emails, Facebook (search “SingletrAction” and ask to join one or all of the closed groups for Dalby, Guisborough and Stainburn – they’re only closed so we don’t get loads of SPAM and “For Sale” posts) or the website.

    We won’t build a trail just for “you” and there are often many other factors to consider but we’ll listen and explain (providing you’re polite 😉

    these are good people. support them 🙂

    Same goes for other volunteer built trails, don’t be so arrogant as to think you have the right to alter or damage something others have donated thousands of hours of their time to build pn your behalf. Singletraction also have to do a lot of work to secure permission to build these trails, time they’d rather spend building and effort wasted when undermined by selfish people who think they know better.

    All of the above 🙂

    If they aren’t wearing a STA hi vis and they don’t look legit ask them what they’re up to. There’s no agro about it.

    As a group we build the trails. If anyone else wants to build trails then they need to be part of the group and membership is open to all. But we decide what goes in as a group, usually at the volunteer trail building days (plans may be formulated in advance). We build it and see how it works.

    Some features might be tricky or spped inhibiting specifically because they need to be. We tend to understand what FC (the land managers with ultimate responsibility for the safety, approval and up keep of the trails) will find acceptable. It’s the first rul of trail building, get land owners permission. Without it any and everything can get ripped out and all that work is wasted.

    Sometimes, we’d admit we don’t do stuff that is either a good addition or would improve a section through a lack of time, opportunity, materials, all three or other factors. That’s just volunteer trail buildings, a never ending fine balance of competing desires and practicalities.

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