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Yep Components is a new company from Switzerland that is solely focused on making dropper seatposts. Based in Comano, Switzerland, Yep is taking a very measured approach to their products. They currently offer two models of seatposts, named the Uptimizer, which are built in small batches.

Yep Uptimizer ST
Yep Uptimizer ST dropper post.

The Uptimizer ST and Uptimizer HC are both air-sprung, and CNC’d from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. Yep designed their hydraulic dropper posts to run at a lower air pressure (130/180psi) than other posts on the market. The company says this reduces stress on the seals, which will increase the life of the system. Yep designed the internals to “avoid vortices and cavitations,” to provide a silent and sensitive progressive action. They also say a very light touch on the remote is needed to engage the system.

Yep Uptimizer Remote
The Uptimizer remote uses a one-piece, open-ended clamp.

The remote clamp uses a unique open-ended, one-piece design that allows it to be placed almost anywhere on the bars, using only a 5mm bolt. Because its placement is quite customizable and the joystick can be pulled or pushed to activate the post, Yep says the remote can be situated in a position where it can be activated while the rider is also pulling on the brake lever.

Uptimizer ST/Uptimizer ST Tall

Yep Uptimizer ST
Yep Uptimizer ST cable situated on the lower.
  • Travel: 125mm/155mm of infinite travel – No pre-set positions
  • Tube diameter: 30.9 or 31.6 (34.9 frames with a 31.6 shim)
  • Post length: 375, 405, 435
  • Weight: 500g, including remote
  • Zero offset head, 2-bolt clamp
  • The cable is situated on the tube lower, which decreases cable length, meaning it’s less likely to interfere with rear suspension bits or the rider’s legs. Its symmetric head allows the rider to turn the post 180 degrees to essentially run the activation cable in the front or back of the post.
  • € 360,00 + shipping (~£299)

Uptimizer HC/Uptimizer HC Tall

Yep Uptimizer HC
The internally routed Yep Uptimizer HC dropper post.
  • Travel: 125mm/155mm of infinite travel – No pre-set positions
  • Tube diameter: 30.9 or 31.6 (34.9 frames with a 31.6 shim)
  • Post length: 375, 405, 435
  • Weight: 500g, including remote
  • Zero offset head, 2-bolt clamp
  • Internal cable routing keeps the system clean and cables won’t wear thought paint on the frame.
  • € 345,00 + shipping (~£287)
Yep Uptimizer Dropper Post
The symmetric, two-bolt head is featured on the Uptimizer ST and HC.

Both posts are only available through the Yep web site, and you can customize your post as you order it. Only black collars and orange remotes are currently available, but Yep says more color options will be available soon.

Keep an eye out for the full Singletrack review in a future issue.

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Comments (7)

    Still waiting for a decent dropper with layback.

    Are they sending you one to test underwater/mud?

    It’s nice to see another brand offering uppy-downy posts with about 150mm of drop, instead of the normal 125mm.

    +1 on 150mm posts. Though I can see why most companies stop at 125mm, Unless you’ve a frame with a lot of standover and you like to run the up position as a proper legs just nearly straight type pedalling position ime in quite a lot of instances you may well struggle to be able to fit them, theres just not enough height available above the seatclamp for many, also as 150mm drop posts are normally a 435mm length post. Many frames aren’t straight run internally
    That said having gone from a 125mm post to a 150mm and it was great, I’d quite like a 180 or 200mm post. I reckon I could just manage a 200mm version of a KS i950r in my frame, I guess it’d have to be about 500mm long in total which wouldn’t fit many frames

    “Still waiting for a decent dropper with layback”
    KS i900 (the later one with the updated seals) can’t be far off the mark? 125mm drop, although 550g plus remote kit?

    “◾Tube diameter: 30.9 or 31.6 (34.9 frames with a 31.6 shim)”
    I don’t understand why they seemingly all do this
    If they’re fine with you shimming upto a 34.9mm seattube, why do they bother making the 31.6mm version at all?
    They just seem to end up at knocked down prices as they fit less (peoples) frames
    Do they/people not know you can get 30.9-31.6mm shims?
    Presumably the internals are shared between both sizes so to make up the slack the 31.6mm one presumably has thicker tube walls (ie heavier) to pad out to the slack?

    @mtbroutes, KS posts mostly have some layback and work very well. Wish mine had less tbh!

    KS Dropzone is a dropper with layback. Cheap from various german on-line shops.

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