Tuesday Treats 79: Moose Cycles

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This week, we’re revisiting: Moose Cycles

London Town. It’s a monster. For those that brave the big bad city, Greg, Jay and the team at Moose Cycles work their collective nuts off to ensure that enlightened London based riders have a real, dedicated mountain bike hut for inspiration and support.

Custom Intense Tracer 275 www.moosecycles.com

Tell us more about developments Greg

Its been an interesting year for us with the whole wheel size apocalypse. We’ve given up worrying about which wheel size is best, as there are some great bikes out there in all wheel sizes, with the main problem (if it can in fact be called a problem), being the sheer choice of bikes and the amount of tyres we now have to stock!

Ibis Mojo HDR in 27.5″ flavouring

Our customers do seem to be voting with their wallets somewhat, with most interest now in the tweener 27.5″ size. Most of the brands we deal with, Ibis, Santa Cruz, Whyte, Intense, Yeti, Orange and Pivot now have great offerings in this size and that seems to be what people are buying.

What about the other wheel sizes?

Hold-outs in 29er popularity are the fantastic whyte T129 bikes and the svelte Ibis Ripley, both fun but manoeuvrable trail bike 29ers. Things really have changed so quickly, resulting in us only selling the stellar Yeti SB66, in the 26″ wheel size.

How has the awful winter effected your riding?

It is precisely due to the appalling weather and the masses of wet mud, that I tried a Surly Krampus (which is now one of our demo bikes) and have had so much fun on its massive 29″ fat tyres, that we are now selling Surly’s full range of fat bikes and mountain bikes. Its amazing how many mountain bikers go weak at the knees when they first see a fat bike and we have sold quite a few this year to riders tired of having to clean complicated suspension bikes but wanting to get out and have fun whatever the weather.

Our tried and tested fat solution to the wettest winter in MTB history

Fat bikes ride somewhat easier than they look and it only takes a test ride to win people over and come back with a huge grin. Many brands are waking up to this and have one in their range now it seems.

What’s hot in-store?

It has to be said we are very excited to be selling Pivot Cycles this year and have just received the new Mach 6 27.5″ Frames and bikes. Very stiff and light, using the great DW link suspension set up and looking fantastic.

Pivot Mach 6-2 ready for some workshop lovin’

What about reaching out to the wider cycling public?

We’ve always dabbled in the digital. I regularly talk all things shop on Twitter and over on Facebook. As London’s MTB specialist we feel we have most bases covered. Custom builds are still our speciality, as well as servicing most top end brands. We find ourselves servicing the suspension bikes that many London stores seem to have very little have no knowledge or experience in dealing with. If you need any persuading, pop in and say hello or give us a bell. You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, what do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

Simple. We offer readers 10% off all non discounted items and free labour on all custom builds.

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