Tuesday Treats 77: Pact Coffee

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Your once a week dose of retail therapy from Singletrack’s Premier Dealers, stockists and advertisers, Tuesday Treats gives you a quality serving of independent bike retailing and a chance to win big in this week’s prize draw.

This week, we’re introducing: Pact Coffee

This week we seek to revive your taste-buds, by introducing you to Pact Coffee. Like ourselves at Singletrack, the guys and girls at Pact are a  group of like minded Coffee fiends/addicts/connoisseurs . Felix Rossknecht (literally) spills dem beenz …


What do we do?

At Pact we send out quality coffee by post to people in the UK, who want to treat themselves to something that’s a cut above what they’d buy in the supermarket. All our coffee is freshly-roasted and then ground to suit the recipient’s brewing method at the last possible moment before shipping. Because life is too short for bad coffee.

Pack them bags
Pack them bags

Who are we?

We’re a small bunch of coffee-lovers based in what is arguably the best-smelling office in Bermondsey. We have three resident cycle obsessives at Pact (hence why we’re on Singletrack), who like nothing better than a Pact coffee refuel after cycling into work.

'The beans are in the post'
‘The beans are in the post’

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no-one knows…

Our packing room is presided over by the unflappable Matt, who runs a tight but fairly rowdy ship. He and his team of packers spend the day grinding up our premium beans then popping the coffee into personalised envelopes for each of our customers. What no-one knows though, is they have a dark and guilty secret that explains their incredible stamina and motivation. Her name is Tina Turner and her songs can be heard belting out of the packing room whenever Matt and his team are really under it.

It's not just cash in brown envelopes....
It’s not just cash that comes in brown envelopes….

What’s new?

As well as sending out 250g bags of fresh coffee to people at home, we’ve just started doing 1kg deliveries to people’s workplaces. Pact Coffee office deliveries have only been up and running for a couple of weeks but we’re already helping to improve lots of people’s ‘daily grind’ (ha ha). It’s a pretty exciting time to be at Pact HQ.

Social Media

Stay in touch with all things Pact on Facebook, our neat Pact Coffee Blog and Twitter.

Lastly, remind us what do Singletrack readers get from you guys?

As a Singletrack subscriber you can now try your first bag of our delicious coffee for just £1 with free delivery, over 85% off the standard price! To try a 250g bag simply go to www.pactcoffee.com and enter the code SINGLETRACK. All orders placed before 1pm get shipped the same day, so you could be sipping great fresh coffee by this time tomorrow.

Tuesday Treats Prize Draw

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