Orange Monkey team with BOS Suspension

by Marc Basiliere 2

Monkeys rolling like a BOS…

Who's the Dizzy Monkey?
Who’s a Dizzy Monkey?

Hot on the heels of the release of BOS’ first cross-country fork, the Orange Monkey Pro Team have announced that their riders will be campaigning the Dizzy during 2014.  The 3.5lb fork is beautifully machined, packaging the French brand’s gravity experience into a lightweight, closed cartridge design.

Breaking in their legs and new suspension, the team will be racing the BOS Dizzy this season at “the world’s toughest Mountain Bike stage race,” South Africa’s ABSA Cape Epic.  Racers Ben Roff and Rab Wardell have “embarked on a strict training regime aimed solely at preparing for a race they know will test both physical and mental capacity to the maximum.”

Three compression settings
Three compression settings

New suspension partner for 2014 shows who is BOS

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bos Suspension. Bos have a reputation as being one of the best high-end suspension forks for Downhill, Freeride and Enduro. Now XC!

We are proud to introduce “Dizzy” – the all-new Cross-Country fork. The 29er model comes with an option of 100 or 120mm travel and is lightweight at 1580g. The attention to detail is quite staggering and our athletes are looking forward to testing the fork over the coming weeks.

Having reliable suspension that you can trust is a must for any athlete and as the XC courses change every year with bigger jumps, bigger drops and super technical sections it will be a big advantage for the team to use these special forks.

The fork comes with an all-new closed cartridge system and 3 settings (Soft, Medium & Hard). The “Dizzy” will, without doubt set a new benchmark in Cross-Country suspension.

You can view a full specification and more images of the fork here.

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  1. Lets hope they don’t break – i’d hate to be a team rider and have to wait 3 months for the repair….

  2. Spoke with Jungle during the week – they believe they’ll be able to do better with BOS than others have in the past.

    Would be very interested to read an article with the different perspectives on what’s gone wrong – from BOS, from R53/Surf and from Jungle. BOS stuff is brilliant, but for us consumers, there’s a lot of questions to be answered.

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