Move ‘N See robotic camera follows your every move

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It’s not creepy.  Really.  OK, maybe a little.

See the sea?
See the sea?

Has, for some reason, the spouse proved a less-than-enthusiastic about documenting your attempts at “big air?”  Are your friends less-than willing to stop mid-ride to film you repeatedly “roosting” that sweet, dusty corner?  Are the offsprings’ off-kilter videography efforts getting fewer Facebook likes than your skills deserve?  Despair not: Move ‘N See has the answer.

MoveNSee setupThat’s right: a robotic cameraman!  Thanks to a wearable, GPS-enabled remote control-cum-“Beeper,” Move ‘N See has the ability to automatically follow its master’s the user’s every move.  The Fullmotion model’s automatic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities are technically impressive, with recording and zoom functions remotely triggered via the Beeper.  No mistake, the inverted text relative to “top” and “bottom” markings is to ensure legibility when worn on the user’s arm.    The capability unleashed by the “Have Fun” button isn’t entirely clear- but if it delivers on its promise may alone be worth the price of entry.

Speaking of which, given the €1,890 (£1,570) asking price (camera and tripod sold separately), the Fullmotion model’s inclusion of an anti-theft alarm adds a measure of comfort- especially given the device’s 500m range.  Unfortunately, the €945 (£785) fixed-tilt Classic only reaches to 400m and does without an alarm.  Both, however, are designed to be locked to something stationary while unattended.  Because each Beeper is tied to a particular Tracker mount, multiple Move ‘N See devices can be operated in the same area without interference.

If it works as advertised (and the videos suggest that it does), a Move ‘N See could actually prove useful as skills camp tool or come in handy for professional athletes’ self-promotion.  In either case, the saved videographer fees could quickly put a dent in the purchase price.  A four hour runtime should be plenty for most users as well.  The system is designed to integrate with one of more than a dozen Sony camcorders- others can be used but remote start/stop/zoom functions will be lost.  Backpacks, rain covers, and complete packages are all available on the Move ‘N See website.

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    So you set this up on the beach and go surfing.
    Joe burglar comes along, sees the camera alone, looks expensive, takes it while you are playing in the waves.
    Or you get someone to stand next to it (who could just film you with a much cheaper camcorder).
    For that reason I’m out.


    They have addressed this concern, to some extent, with the alarm and lock.

    So 100m (only usable on the sea) and an alarm costs 785 pounds. If you’re a further 100m out to sea it will only take you longer to get to shore.
    A lock will easily be cut if someone really wants it.

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