Midweek Mini Movies 184

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Is it all grey outside your window? Here’s a selection of two wheeled technicolor dreams for your viewing pleasure. If it’s Wednesday it must be time for Midweek Mini Movies.

Headphones on, tune in, slack off…

Joe Barnes – 8 Wild Terns

Joe rides some of the filthiest, sloppiest, wildest turns in the short film. 8 Wild Terns.

Role Reversal

The weather’s been pretty terrible here in the UK over winter, but we did manage to get some riding in.
Me and Josh decided to shoot this short to show a bit of the local riding we get up to when the conditions are especially wet.

Josh John
Dom John

‘Linguistics’ – Linguistics & Charlie P

#26aintdead B-roll

All the bits and banter that went on behind the scenes….

Two Alike

Back in 2010 I launched a short film titled “Two of a Kind” that delved into the lives of Scottish identical twins Ross and Stuart Wilcox. At the time, both were youth riders racing cross-country and downhill in the same season. An interesting combination – but they were winning races in both, and in style.

Wind-forward three years and Ross is now racing only downhill and Stuart is racing only cross-country. For both, deciding to race a different discipline to the other was never going to be an easy decision, but as we explore in this sequel short film “Two Alike” both twins remain unified in such a way that they always find the time to ride together.


“why not?” short version

The new version of “why not?”.

shorter, faster and i think really better 😉

enjoy it!!!

Why We Play – Evelyn Stevens

Meet Evelyn Stevens. Olympian, World Champion, and one of the greatest female cyclists competing in the professional world today. What separates her though from those she races against is her extraordinary escape from the confines of her former life in a Wall Street cubicle and meteoric rise to the top of her sport.


Fight for your ride


Adrian Parro

Transition Bandit 26

Madrid (Spain)

Beastie Boys – Fight for your right

by dirtyflows.com

Evening Magazine – Klunking

This segment, Klunking, is from the late 1970s, hosted by Steve Fox, and comes from the Paul Colardo (an Evening Magazine crew member) collection. This is one of the first segments that Paul produced.

Steve Kotton was the cameraman on this shoot and remember having to climb up the steep hillside. There was also a lawsuit against KPIX brought by one of the riders. He claimed that the camera crew were in the middle of the road and he crashed. He lost the lawsuit because the video clearly showed the side of the track location of the crew.

It is believed this piece was edited by Jim Farney.

Segments from the original Evening Magazine are brought to you courtesy the School of Multimedia Communications archive at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Jan Yanehiro.

Grant Honeyfield rides Coronet Peak

The XC winds it’s way all the way to the very top of Coronet. The weather can change at any moment and if you set off in a t-shirt, you might be glad of a jacket by the time you reach the summit.

Grant is a fast rider and is always on his Avanti Torrent. The XC trail is a great training ride and often features in Enduro races in the area.

Inside the character and culture of Mavic

Founded in the same year that the Eiffel Tower was built, Mavic celebrates its 125 year anniversary this year in 2014. It’s the occasion for us to show who we are and who are the people who make Mavic. Like the 2 employees presented in this video, Service Course tech Denis Greffet and lead research engineer JP Mercat, everyone at Mavic lives his passion every day through his work. Watch this video and discover what makes Mavic so special: creative, engaging, pioneering, and inspired by deep roots in the French cycling culture.

Atlantic North West – Teaser 2014

The love for the world of bikes. So this project where five friends will recount each episode as we live in this world is born from within. Follow us! facebook.com/AtlanticNorthWest

Riders: Jano Caamaño, Bruno Campos, Ber Losada

ME & Me – Rolling the Coaster

One run, several cameras, simple edit…just to get the feel of the ride, this is an easy, casual cruise down RollerCoaster, a fun, undulating, twisty trail that descends down to the wash behind the house. We roll this one, The Chutes or Gem to get home.

Roll with us…SOB Rides! Slow, Old, & Broken facebook.com/pages/SOB-Rides-Slow-Old-Broken/687846164580106

Downmall 2014

Arkady Downmall 2014

Cwmorthin on the Fat Bike

Fat bikes do slate.

Animal Bikes: QSS 6

WWW.ANIMALBIKES.COM 6th installment of the QSS series. Features full parts from Mark Gralla and Ben Lewis, The Chocolate Truck crew, a Japan tour section and clips from the rest of the team.

Battle Los Angeles


A 10 day trip to the L.A area with Brandon Hoerres, George Boyd, Andy Martinez, Matt Roe and Justin Simpson. This short shows all the fun and games we had during our time on the road.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by Joe Simon

And finally. Submitted with the intro: “It’s rather… disturbing.” Yes, yes it is

Ron Jeremy on a Wrecking Ball

Ron Jeremy performs “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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