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We’re halfway to the weekend, keep the faith!

Here’s another week’s helping of visual distraction from the day to day grind.

A Week of Rampage With Kyle Norbraten

The Red Bull Rampage is synonymous with danger and excitement, and can anoint mountain biking royalty with a single jaw-dropping descent. Push aside the state-of-art bikes and protective gear, and before the media circus comes to town—you’re left with the rider—the individual responsible for crafting and executing their route down the sport’s most treacherous mountainside. In this unique behind-the-scenes video, Kyle Norbraten walks us through his poignant journey of what it takes to make history on mountain biking’s hallowed Virgin, Utah, hillside.

Madeira MTB – January 2014

Video of our trip to the island of Maderia at the start of 2014

Hope Technology | Freeride Madeira | Aspect Media

Sneak Peek: Testing the new POC Scottish Enduro Series stages!


Check out IBIS UK team riders Keith and Chris Buchan, Elite DHer Jess Stone and SummitDOWN guide James Knowles as they test two new stages being built for the POC Scottish Enduro Series!

Salsa Cycles – The Push

A short film from Salsa Cycle about the 2013 Arrowhead Ultra 135, a winter ultra-endurance race held in northern Minnesota.

NS Bikes – A tale of two Eccentrics

Last autumn Maciek and Wojtek took the new bikes for a spin in the mountains surrounding famous Austrian bike resort Leogang and we followed them around with a camera. Enjoy the video.

The Road to Pont Scethin

A bivvy trip from Llanbrynmair northwards to Pont Scethin.

Pont Scethin lies on the old Drover’s Road from London to Harlech. In the 18th century, this was the main route through this part of Wales (long before the existence of the coast road). The old road remains as a walking/ riding track and the bridge, built some time after 1762, still stands in this wonderfully isolated position.

The sunrise in the morning was amazing, and it’ll be a trip I will remember for a long time to come.

11-12th January 2014

Evergreen State of Mind

His bike isn’t the best, but he doesn’t mind. He just wants to ride.

A Dusty Day in Whistler Bike Park with Remy Metailler

Remy shreds Whistler Bike Park at full speed in July’s slick dry conditions.

Something Good

Join us in the stunning high altitude Himalayan region of Mustang, Nepal and experience a mountain bike nirvana. Tangi and his Commencal Meta SX have the time of their life’s in this single track paradise, dwarfed by magical snow cover mountains, and surrounded by ancient Tibetan culture. This is a mountain bike trip of a life time, and Nepal is the future of mountain biking.
To organise your own mountain bike trip to Nepal check out – enduromtbnepal.com

Saxon hut and back: The Heaphy

First Kiwi multi-day ride.

Normally you cannot ride in New Zealand National Parks. However during winter months, DOC (Department of Conservation) have been trialing mountain bike access for the last 3 years on the famous Heaphy Track, one of New Zealands 9 Great Walks located in Kahurangi National Park.

So in true style we wait for the penultimate ride of the season to ride it. Our last shot, no matter the weather.

Features some nice huts, nice trails, and a Weka!!!

 My Trans Savoie 2013


This summer my friend Willy Ratz and I decided that we should do a video segment on one of Lander, Wyoming’s best mountain biking trail in Sinks Canyon: CATALYST. Catalyst is a relatively new trail to the Lander area and was truly created and pioneered by the current Lander biking community. Catalyst is still a rough and rugged trail. Narrow and bumpy describe much of the trail and there are sections with a great deal of exposure. Lander, a town usually known for its rock climbing, houses incredible mountain biking potential. With so much state and federal land available, the possibilities for bike trails in the Lander area is truly unknowable.

Support biking in Lander!

It’s Only Mud

The activities of building and riding dirt jumps have been around for years and were first originated from BMX racing in the 1970s. The definition of Dirt Jumping according to Wikipedia is “one of the names given to the practice of riding bikes over cement type jumps of dirt or soil and becoming airborne.” However if you dive under the surface you find the real meaning of dirt jumping. It’s about creating anything you like and being able to enjoy the result, it’s about the community and being part of something. During this project I want to reveal the hidden community of teenagers that are creating a fun and involving environment for the new generation of children, whilst taking part in an ever expanding sport. With no limit to the size and difficulty of these jumps the sport is on a constant evolution and new trails are being built every week, with new tricks being invented alongside.

Bedwyn Woods has been a slow moving trails project over the last 15 years with different types of jumps, drops and berms being built. However since October the group has moved to a new hidden location in the same woods to start to build a set of trails that will be maintained and can be used by the local community. I want to follow these young adults as they create an environment where they can ride, enjoy and improve their biking skills. The group is made up of 5-6 main builders and many others that are willing to come up to the forest and help once in while.

Unfortunately the forestry commission have a problem with the building of mud jumps in their forest and have bulldozed all of the remaining jumps. Being a teenager myself it seems whatever we do we are still seen as doing wrong by a large majority of the older generation. I hope this short video can show the public of Great Bedwyn and maybe even the forestry commission that we are only trying to stay fit, have fun and create a safe area for teenagers that live in wiltshire.
A special thanks to – Hugo Gardner, Lawrence Pike, Patrick Blunt and Matt Snell and Karen Gardner who are leading the protest for a fun bike trails area in Bedwyn. please sign the petition here : ipetitions.com%2Fpetition%2Fbike-jumping-in-chisbury-woods&h=pAQGeEyJ1

Lee Quarry shot from Remote Controlled Aircraft

Filmed in the fantastic Lee Quarry Mountain Bike Trail near Bacup Lancashire. Filmed exclusively using a Halo 8 UAS or unmanned aircraft, Filmed by Halo Vue aerial photography and features mountain bike rider Nick Gaukrodger. Halo Vue are Holders of the BNUC-s license and are regulated by the CAA with full public liability insurance.

Devon Smillie 2013 Web Video

Devon Smillie BMX web video from 2013

and finally…

One Direction – Story Of My Life (shred) by SamRick

Here is our next shred of One Direction! Hope you like it!

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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