Midweek Mini Movies 182

by Dave Anderson 0

Hey you! Yes you. Fancy a bit of escapism from the 9 to 5?

Here’s a good and wholesome selection of this week’s finest Midweek Mini Movies…

Something Good

Join us in the stunning high altitude Himalayan region of Mustang, Nepal and experience a mountain bike nirvana. Tangi and his Commencal Meta SX have the time of their life’s in this single track paradise, dwarfed by magical snow cover mountains, and surrounded by ancient Tibetan culture. This is a mountain bike trip of a life time, and Nepal is the future of mountain biking.

To organise your own mountain bike trip to Nepal check out – enduromtbnepal.com


Skills and tools for surviving an alpine mtb stage race


The video was shot during December, which turned out to be the rainiest month of the year.
We hope this film shows the fun of riding year round, regardless of the weather. The main focus was on trails that demand technique, balance, strength and endurance. It rained almost nonstop during the filming, making some of the trails very slick and tough to ride.

The terrain around Gothenburg consists of hundreds of kilometers of natural trails through rolling and rocky forests which makes a durable freeride bike advantageous in many situations. We ride the 2014 Canyon Torque EX Trailflow; a bike we think is made for this type of terrain. The natural topography of Gothenburg can make the trails somewhat muddy and depending on the time of year, it can be a downright mud fest. To look as representative as possible, we chose Mudhugger’s mudguards.

Views from the various MTB areas around Gothenburg make up the intro. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and three GoPro Hero3 Blacks.

Enough about the video, Let’s go!

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Leo, Natasja, Anders & Anders

Xortiatis Forest Was Very Lucky!!!

Riders save forest from fire, with logs.

Swift Rocky Mountain Season 2 ep3

Enduro / All Mountain Tours in Wallis – Switzerland

Discover a new dimension of Mountain Biking in Wallis with Besttrails.

Perry Gardener – Shropshire

By Aspect Media

Adventure is a way of life

Adventure is a way of life, KMBC

My Bike. My Passion. My Addiction

Cycle speedway

Photoreel 2013

By David M

Forest of Dean MTB edit

By Archie Judd

Will Weston – 2013 end of season

Short edit with Will Weston at the end of the 2013 season just on a normal damp day riding in south Wales.


Virtu Media 2013 Demo Reel

A compilation of some of our favorite shots from the past two years. Cinematography by Matthew Butterworth and Eric Marciniak.

Goldstein Productions – 2012 Reel

BMX ramp riding on a moving trailer – Daniel Dhers in Peru

The Venezuelan Daniel Dhers, five times X-Games Gold Medalist, performed some outstanding BMX tricks on a ramp placed on top of a huge trailer in the middle of Lima´s crazy traffic.

Murder of Couriers – A Bike Messenger Documentary

Murder of Couriers documents the lives of a group of bike messengers over a nearly three-year span. This film was made by couriers, about couriers, for a wide general audience and offers the chance to experience a lifestyle that not many get the privilege to enjoy.


With the emerging popularity of urban fashion, green living
and alternative lifestyles, people all over the world have begun to take to the
streets on two wheels. At the heart of this general movement is a race of
individuals who are indifferent to the cause. Indifferent only because they’ve
always lived it. Now people around the world are beginning to look at bike
messenger culture as a simple unifier of modern ideals. “A perfect marriage of
work and play created by those who have learned to cut through the traffic of
an uneventful life.” Murder of Couriers investigates this culture through the
eyes of the people who live it daily.

Ride Wide

Most people who ride bikes also drive but very few who drive cars also cycle. This short film was made to help the non cyclists understand how much space folk on bikes need to take.

And finally…

Zorb Football


Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?