8th Day of Christmas – More Midweek Mini Movies

by Mark Alker 1

On the 8th day of Christmas Singletrack gave to me…
More Midweek Mini Movies (basically, The Great Escape on a pedal bike)

Start the New Year with a shed load of movies to get your pucker up and ready to rip the hills…

12 MONTHS 12 STORIES – Ep12 – The Project

We could have done an other riding video, but we wanted to finish the year with a look back of what happen since we started the project of 12 months/12 stories. In episode 12 we take some time to put words on what we film and experience all year long.

The Line – the movie

Enjoy the full movie, from episode 1 to 5, in one edit!
Make you comfortable, have a beer and turn up the volume.
Shot between November 2010 and April 2011 with Canon 5D, 7D and HG21. All the credits at the end of the video.
Thanks to Rose Bikes for the support.


It’s been over a year since Joey Gough asked whether I would be interested in making an edit involving a trio of female racers. She went on to say that although they all specialised in different disciplines, they really enjoy shredding trails together. I was certain that Joey would be a great subject, but when she mentioned Katy Curd and Manon Carpenter, I knew it was about to get interesting.

PLEASE! If you are lucky enough to know the location of these trails KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Pumping It Out – Through the Winter

Well, it’s winter-time which means it’s time for bikers to complain about the temperature, the early sunsets and their buried trails.

The boys from the UBC Okanagan Mountain Bike club have been working hard over the last few years to build an unreal pump track, and several dumps of fresh snow and below freezing temperatures weren’t going to hinder their riding.

Bas Van Steenbergen, Tom Van Steenbergen and Steven Leslie build some speed, conquer some ice and try to… flip off of pumptrack rollers? Large props to Pat McCarter, Geoff Hodson, Josh Toohill and everybody else in the UBCO MTB crew for all their hard work and trail maintenance. Also nice work Stefan Gordon for his snow shovelling.

Chris Smith, Identiti Bikes, 2013 Moments

All the good bits from 2013 along with the carnage and unseen clips!

ALL or Nothing – Full length film

“ALL or Nothing”, filmed and produced by Dirtyflows.com

Cedric Gracia, Robin and Niklas Wallner, Filip Polc, Emanuel Pombo, Bernat Guardia, Ivan Oulego, Eric Portillo, Iago Garay, Adrian Parro, Martin Söderström, Sam Reynolds, Andreu Lacondeguy, Xavier Pasamonte, Gerard Plata, Sergio Layos, Viki Gomez, Jeroni Fajardo, Yoshiaki Nomoto, Melcior Faja, Gerard Trueba, Javi Alonso, Yohan and Thomas Triboulat, Danny MacAskill and Carlos Marin.



This short clip is about mountain bike freeriding in a beautiful mountains of West Tatras, Slovakia.

Chris Dekerf / Dekerf Cycle Innovations

This is the first episode in a series exploring the process behind some high-quality items and the dedication their creators put into their craft.

Chris Dekerf designs and creates custom made-to-order bicycles. He starts with a design unique to each customer and produces a frame that’s hand made in his workshop every step of the way. The dedication to his craft is obvious and even after 25 years in business he is always looking for ways to improve the frame-building process.

For more info on Chris or his bikes visit: dekerf.com

Inside the Vosges – Soul of Enduro

FALL 2013 – Those little mountains called Vosges in the Eastern France are full of golden singletracks. The fantastic trails made of loan, roots and rocks are a fantastic playground for enduro. Julien Prenez and Pierre Fluckiger from The Giromagny Enduro show you how good it feels to ride in those fantastic green forests. Enjoy.

Colorado Winter Riding

Incredible winter riding conditions in the Colorado Front Range late December, 2013. Frozen fast dirt!

Big Mountain Enduro – Durango Full Race Recap

 X Trail Films 2013

So who’s up for more of this in 2014?

Visit Me: xtrailfilms.com

 Marten Hageney Bobsled run

a small edit we did in one day… Filmed on the “Bobsled” trail on Mt fromme in North vancouver.
Rider: Marten Hageney
Filming/Edit: David Karg

Rotation, an enduro short film

Rotation, an enduro short film. In a world in constat rotation movement.

 Enduroteam.cz weekend

Best end of the year on local trails here in Czech republic.
Riders: Jiri Fikejz, Tomas Kutin
Bikes: AGang Patriot 2.0 custom and Patriot EVO prototype!

And finally…

Swing Bike Radikale Radkultur Halle

Just because…

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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