TMR Kickstarting “the perfect grip?”

by Marc Basiliere 3

Grips that take the shape of riders’ hands

TMR Grips MagnesiumLaunched on Kickstarter in early December, TMR Designs’ Imprint grips are designed to fit and support the rider’s hands like nothing else- by taking their shape.  The idea is to provide even pressure across the hand: increasing control, maximising comfort, and providing improved trail feedback.  By eliminating high-pressure, high-wear spots, grip life should be improved as well.

Built off a solid aluminium or polymer core, Imprint grips have a single inboard locking collar.  TMR’s Imprint Technology is a heat-mouldable soft material that is said to damp vibration.  When warmed in hot water, the grips are moulded to the shape of the hand in much the same way as a football mouth guard.  Cleverly, a mesh sleeve (the sort used to protect machined parts in shipping) is used to imprint a traction-enhancing diamond pattern in the grips during forming.  If the shape doesn’t suit, the material can be re-heated and re-shaped “a limitless number of times.”

Premium sleeve colours
Premium sleeve colours

Two models are being offered through Kickstarter: Standard and Premium.  Both use the same grip material and are 134mm wide with a 115mm grip area.  The £24 Standard grip combines an aluminum lock ring and steel bolt with a polymer core at 144g per pair.  The Premium replaces the core and lock ring with a solid aluminium inner/clamp in one of five colours (silver, black, gold, red, and blue) and sells for £35 (£30 until the “Early Bird” special sells out).  A titanium lock screw helps to offset some of the alloy core’s added weight- a Premium pair hits the scales at 149g. Grip colour options include “Magnesium” (white-ish) and “Kickstarter Green.”  All prices include domestic or international shipping.

Black not offered... yet.
Black not offered… yet.

The black material shown in some of TMR’s images hasn’t been tested as thoroughly as the magnesium or green so won’t necessarily be available at launch (purchasers will be given the option to switch orders to black if testing is successful).  If the company hits its £15,000 goal in the next two weeks (£6,500 has been pledged to date), deliveries are expected to begin in May of next year.  Find more info or pledge at the Imprint Grips Kickstarter page.

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  1. Doesn’t this kind of assume that your hands are always in the same position? Interesting idea, just wondering how practical it would really be.

  2. Hmm, feeling a bit cynical about this. It *might* work for racers I suppose, but as someone who rides in different thickness of gloves and sometimes changes hand position to avoid fatigue, I’m not sure it’s for me.

  3. I don’t care how good they are, they aren’t 2X better than what I’ve already got. £35 is crazy. Sorry.

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