Issue 86 Premier Exclusive: Helmet Lights Mini-test

by singletrackjenn 9

We’re now in the depths of winter and so it’s night ride season! (Antipodean readers may wish to bookmark this page for six months time.) Issue 86 features a bar-mounted lights grouptest but we’re also big fans of helmet lights so we’ve dedicated this issue’s Premier exclusive to a mini-test of five of the best helmet lights.

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Comments (9)

  1. Surprised not to see the staggeringly bright, innovative, well made, home grown, Troutie Spider Eyes in there.

  2. He was approached but we got no reply…

  3. Or the lumenator from mtbbatteries?

  4. Was going to say, lumenator or the lumen800 from mtbbatteries. As this is helmet lights the lumen800 would have fitted in nicely.

  5. We featured mtbbatteries XML T6 in last year’s light test, and it got a positive review:

    The problem is that there are dozens of small brands like mtbbatteries producing lights which are very similar – if we were to test them all then we wouldn’t have room (or time!) to test or write about anything else.

    Doubtless this means that someone’s favourite light will have been omitted this time around, but please don’t take it personally if you happen to be that someone. You can always chip in here with your comments on a particular light if you think people should be looking at it too – and we do read them in the office, too 😉

  6. Not taking anything personally- honest! The T6 light is a few years old now and although still good (I still use mine) things have moved on a bit since then.
    As soon as I saw the lights tested I thought the lumenator should have been in there. Its very similar to some of those (both in looks and performance) but a fair bit cheaper so would have been interested in your opinions of it.

  7. I’ve asked mtbbatteries if they’ll send us a light for Grinder. Your wish, etc 🙂

  8. Thanks guys, much appreciatted 🙂
    As Jenn has mentioned she has emailed me and I am sending them both the Lumenator and the Lumen800 for them to test and review.
    Like I said much appreciatted with your responses.

  9. Have AyUp’s completely fallen off the map ?

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