3rd Day of Christmas – Half Price Hipflasks

by Mark Alker 5

On the 3rd day of Christmas Singletrack gave to me…
Shop Sale: 50% off Hipflasks

Want a way to transport all that Christmas and New Year booze to the trail? Need a mid ride nip vessel? What better way than with our quality Singletrack hipflask for more than 49.5% off.


Today only – get a Singletrack Hipflask half price

Get yours now!


Comments (5)

  1. Was £11.99 now £17.99??

  2. Perhaps you’ve not been a good enough boy 🙂
    Yes, we’ve just noticed that too and hopefully we’ll get it fixed today for you. Cheers!

  3. Yeah, which is the actual price?

  4. Fixed now for subscribers

  5. So my ‘O’ level maths is still letting me down here…
    Half of 22 quid= 18 quid……

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