Wittson’s first stock product is a lovely Ti fork

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Lugs, welds, titanium, oh my

Fork for the ages
Fork for the ages

Pricing added 21.11.13

News from rainy Lithuania this morning as custom titanium framesmiths Wittson release their first stock product: a welded, lugged titanium 29er fork.  The Nulla has 0mm travel and is available with straight or tapered steerers and quick release or 15mm thru axle dropouts.  Brake hose routing is internal – admittedly more of a hassle than external routing – because it’s sexy.

Hose routing to make mechanics weep
Hose routing to make mechanics weep

While many rigid forks have yet to jump on the post mount standard, the Nulla has a tidy looking pair of PM bosses.  The hand-polished finish is offset with sandblasted logos (the company says “sandblasted decals,” but masked forks on their tumblr page clarify).  As the builder says, the fork is “simple, clean, and built to last a lifetime.”

All modern conveniences
All modern conveniences

With an uncut (270mm) straight steerer and open dropouts, the fork comes in at 1,023g.  The fork will accept tyres up to 2.5in in width and rotors up to 185mm for Avid holdouts.  The axle-crown measurement is 470mm and rake 45mm.  Custom rake, length, and crown measurements are also available as well as V-brake bosses.  The fork is warrantied for life and retails for 539EUR (~£450/$725) in stock or custom configurations.

Wittson Nulla 4
Lustworthy lugged legs



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    Beyond being utterly gorgeous … I’m not sure how this all stacks up. Weight seems high compared to carbon and price probably as well

    Still … It is beautiful

    Hmm, very nice. Hopefully being on the wrong side of 1kg the extra weight will ensure it’s been designed to be a solid tracking fork, i could be tempted to contact them for a price for a custom 26″ with an axle to crown of 445mm and 15mm bolt through for my cove hummer.

    Tempted indeed!.


    Can’t afford.

    What on earth is going on with that maxle? Did they just realise it was too long because they’ve used tabs instead of full thickness fork ends, then had to throw a bunch of spacers on it? The rest’s gorgeous but that bit looks like I made it.

    good point about the tracking; I had an Identity tuning fork that tracked like a maniac but weighed more than chipps’ mum* and I swapped it for a Nukeproof carbon one. the difference was terrifying.

    still, Niner carbon fork is under 600g and 400 quid and is also bloody gorgeous so I’m still struggling to make it all add up (and I am trying, believe me I am)

    *apologies to mums everywhere

    In the interests of balance, what a horrible, old fashioned looking fork!

    North wind, that’s a standard rs maxle lite. So needs spacing out to fit.

    Also, £450 for a rigid fork! A couple of years ago most people would have balked at a proper fork for that.

    initial response was WOW !! very nice, looking at other responses though has made me re-think, yes it is very nice but very expensive for a heavy item and there appear to be better alternatives, but it would look gorgeous on my lynskey ridgeline

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