Morgaw seek funding for range of shock absorbing saddles.

by Dave Anderson 4

We’ve just received news from an award winning company seeking funding for a new range of shock absorbing saddles. Morgaw last week won a Bicycle Innovation of the Year 2014 award in the International Bicycle Design Competition, now they’re seeking funding to bring that idea to the bike market.

Here’s what they have to say…


” MORGAW seats embody the the needs of sport & professional riders.”

“If you ask active riders ( road/mtb/enduro) what are they expecting from their saddle,usually you get a simple answer : ” Comfort, light weight & the possibility of changing rails.” Secondary responses are based around non-slip seat surface & compatibility. Their answers were not a big surprise to us as our team is built up from passionate riders who understand current issues with traditional saddle designs.

After extensive testing of standard saddles we came to the conclusion that the structure of standard saddles is very limited & does not allow other specific adaptations. Upon completion of our study program we began experimentation with new saddle structural designs & material compositions that could potentially unite the individual needs of riders from all categories on one platform.

Within our design we have developed a revolutionary patented saddle with a unique & self – supporting platform, which is based on shock absorbers.

The shock absorbers are high demanding in terms of the possibility to adapt various density suited to the weight of the rider, light weight saddle which creates riding comfort, stability & reliability.This unique platform combined with shock absorbers allows the saddle to be divided into two self – supporting entities: seat & undercarriage .The design has opened a new structure of possibilities which allow us to incorporate the key performance characteristics into our saddle.

Shock absorbers will be sold in three stifnesses categories which are based on riders weight & compatibility. Soft 40kg – 70kg, Medium 70kg – 85kg & Hard 85kg -100kg.


MORGAW® seats was established in 2008, founded by longtime friends Martin Moravcik (Slovakia) and Slawek Gawlik (Poland). Both of us, Martin & Slawek are former MTB pro riders. Since 2010 we have been producing ultra-light full carbon saddles (weight totaling 100 grams foam core with leather covering) from our small production facility in Slovakia.

From our customer service, manufacturing & riding experience, we have identified key deficiencies in design elements. By late 2010 our core focus shifted to New Product Development (NPD), concentrating on revolutionary compositions.

Since 2011 we started development on a new design which could potentially eliminate saddle deficiencies while at the same time met the needs of professional & active riders.

MORGAW® is a European company, head office based in Slovakia where all research & design innovations are developed with our international office based in Taiwan with our manufacturing facility.”

Read more on their Indiegogo site: 


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  1. Didn’t Vetta market something very similar back in 1992??

  2. Video beats mogadon ZZzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Weight isn’t stated – I can’t see how they can be lighter than the standard deign using a flexible material for shock absorption, there looks to be more than the average amount of hardware there.

  4. Interesting, more from the lateral movement side than anything else… Shock mounts look big and clunky, which is probably hard to get around when compared to a really sleek Selle design. I tend to favour sitting back on my saddle, so could see the advantage of a “rolling” action. No price point yet?

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