Fresh Goods Friday 164

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It’s Friday, the weekend’s almost here. Check out the Fresh Goods and we can all be outta here…

Merida Big 7 XT Edition

Big seven
Big seven

Same tree, different day, different bike. After the first couple of rides Merida’s Big 7 Alloy XT Edition is showing itself to be a very sprightly contender in the next Singletrack group test. It’s nice to get a bike with a full XT drivetrain instead of the usual mix and match.

Angular dropout

Price: £1300

From: Merida Bikes

GloWorm x2

It's a light I tells ya...
It’s a light I tells ya…

1500 lumens of small Kiwi designed LED ‘light system’. Also makes a cute robot.

Price: £170

From: CRG Moto

Silicone Tidds

Plug it
Tidds oot

90% lighter than steel bottle cage bolts to make you even faster.

Price: £3.99

From:  Silicone Tidds

Macwet Climatech Glove

We're not sure either
We’re not sure either

All grip and no slip long cuff gloves.

Price: £29.99

From: MacWet

EcoZoom Versa Stove

Stoved in
Stoved in

Perfect race support cooking? The EcoZoom burns wood, charcoal or dried biomass very efficiently.

Price: $129.00

From: EcoZoom

Pedros Apprentice Tool Kit

Tooled up
Tooled up

A neat little starter tool kit, all loaded into its own carry case.

Price: TBC

From: 2Pure

Thule Perspectiv Backpack

Too much Perspectiv
All the carry capacity you need

Thule’s Perspectiv gives you all the weather proof carrying capacity you’ll want for your photographic needs.


Price: £149.00

From: Thule

That’s it for this week, we’re off to dream of road trips and sunshine while plowing through the filth and grime.

See you Monday for the Debrief

Comments (9)

    Loving my GloWorm X2! Bright, well made, robust, and light.
    You should probably have pointed out that STW Premier folks can get 10% off by using the code here:

    Those Tidds really are taking things to a whole new level of wtfness. Bottle cage bolts cost buttons and weigh hardly anything as it is, who’s going to notice the difference? One rotation through a patch of fox/badger poo will end up with more weight being added to the bike

    Free screw caps/hole blankers type things from ikea have been doing the my bottle boss cover for years. Tap in and forget. Costs nothing.

    WANT that EcoZoom stove!!! :-p

    “dried biomass”

    they mean poo, dont they?

    funny lookin’ XT cassette and brakes.

    Nylon grub screws for your excess bolt holes, weigh nothing, cost nothing.

    I wonder what the UK price will be on the Ecostove??

    valleydaddy – according to EcoZoom
    “Looking for where you can buy EcoZoom in the UK, email Stewart at or visit the Amazon UK EcoZoom page
    Looks like £116

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