Tuesday Treats 62: CRG Moto Revisited

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This week, we revisit CRG Moto

We continue to get reacquainted with some of the guys who a year ago, helped us launch the Tuesday Treats feature. Danny at CRG Moto picks up where we left off last time, with some exciting news on Gloworm stock that has just landed…

Tim Hunter Pump track 132  (1280x905)

Apart from the obvious… we’re all a year wiser, what’s changed during this last year?

The Gloworm light range has expanded and been updated since we last appeared here. The existing lights have gained the latest Cree XML2 emitters and have become user programmable. Plus there are two new lights about to arrive in the UK, but more about those later. Readers will be able to see the existing Gloworm X1, as part of a grouptest in the forthcoming Singletrack Issue 85 (Ed.)

Any new lines in-store that really tickle your fancy?

I’m very excited about the new lights which are imminent, especially the 2200 lumen Gloworm XS. If the prototype is anything to go by it’s going to be awesome; a true ‘wall of light’ with three Cree XML2 U2 emitters with interchangeable optics and a high capacity 6800 mAh battery pack. There is also the CX, a 600 lumen USB rechargeable integrated light, aimed mainly at commuters.

_DSC1193 (1280x994)
The Gloworm XS… 2200 lumens of light joy, from a 110g head unit

What has been hot, product-wise?

The recently upgraded Gloworm X2 has been flying off the shelves. The addition of the latest Cree XML2 emitters has boosted power to 1500 lumens. It’s still my favourite light but it just got better.

Any events that are worth the effort, travel and pain/joy?

We just spent the weekend at Dalby Expo ‘14, showing off the latest Gloworm range. Despite the weather plenty of riders turned out to demo the latest bikes from Santa Cruz, Lapierre, Scott, Yeti, etc. It was tough watching everyone having so much fun on some cracking bikes but at least it was dry under the Ezup!

During the Summer, CRGMoto headed down to Kent for the Bedgebury Insomnia 2013 night race where Gloworm were the light partners, not exactly local to County Durham! Our light hire was taken up by night riding novices and seasoned racers alike (and a couple of riders who forgot their lights). A big hand to Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club for such a well organised and fun event, I spent the whole night wanting to jump on a bike and join in. We plan to be back for 2014 and will hopefully enter a team this time. If you’ve got to stay up all night you might as well ride!

Anything exciting in the pipeline?

We are currently working on the launch of a range of Gloworm branded bicycle accessories. Pedals are launching first but anything from grips to wheelsets has been discussed. Here’s a sneaky peek of the Gloworm Talon 1.0 pedal.

The ‘Talon’ 1.0 prototype (but ready for Christmas!)

What’s the score with demoing your lines?

Demo lights will soon be available at the Dalby Bike Barn Tuesday night social ride which attracts upwards of 60 riders every week. If you want to demo Gloworm lights at your LBS weekly night ride email info@crgmoto.co.uk and we’ll see if can sort something for you.

Where are we headed in the light lumens arms race?

There comes a point where too many lumens is a problem with reflection back from trailside objects. I personally can’t see myself wanting more than the new Gloworm XS offers.

There’s more to a great light than just the lumen output. The optics/reflector turn that light into something usable and put it where you want it. Gloworm have invested heavily in custom optics to deliver clean beams without artefacts or halo effects.

Lumens aside, a big benefit with the efficiency of latest emitters is increased run time. The new XS can put out 1200 lumens for 4.5 hours, that’s the same output as the old X2 on full power but for 2 hours longer!

Anything else you’d like to mention?

We know plenty of independent bicycle shops browse Singletrackworld. Could you let them know that we are always looking for new Gloworm dealers and if they are interested in stocking Gloworm lights, just email me at info@crgmoto.co.uk for information.

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  1. I bought an X1 and was so impressed just bought an X2. Like Danny says tree such a thing as too much light, as the X2 on full is too bright for me to ride with without a lot of reflection.

    The genius thing with the X2 are the programmable modes, allowing you to change the percentage of light put out of each setting.

  2. Got the new Gloworm X2 v3 recently and I’m hugely impressed with it. Build quality is great. The whole kit is properly waterproof. And the programmable output level and remote switch are very useful cos I can have a nice polite low-lumen beam then quickly switch to “blazing sun” when I need it.

  3. Also Danny’s customer service is awesome! 😀

  4. Yep, I’ve just dealt with Danny and he is a legend, very helpful 🙂

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