So it’s Halloween – Mini Movies special

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Here’s a special Halloween Mini Movie special. You be careful out there tonight yeah?

Strahan of the Dead

Zombie Survival Guide Rule #7 – Get out of the car and onto the bike.

Halloween Spooktacular

After taking to the infamous Cannock Monkey Trail our two protagonists stumble into the path of the dreaded downhill demon AKA Eliot Machin. It is here that the pair try, with all their might, to avoid the clutches of the evil doer by escaping down the Upper Cliff trail. But alas, the beast is powered by a force not of this world & the tricky rock gardens prove too much for Tolley, our first explorer. After falling victim to the demon’s supernatural speed he is transformed into a deathly figure, subservient to his demon master. As the two gain pace, Headley spins out, leading to what surely was a gruesome demise.
Shot and edited by:

The Zombie Bicycle Thief

“The Bicycle Zombie Thief” is a realistic portryal of normal day life at American Cyclery. We wanted to document exactly what kind of efforts go into our services and how hard we work to keep our customers and bikes safe! Have a happy halloween!


For one night only @manoncarpenter is the Wildcat. A film by @liammurphyfilms

The North Race – HALLEY-CAT 03/11/12

The North Race presents HALLEY-CAT, an evening of blood, beer and bikes. Come dressed in black to be professionally painted up (or come pre-painted if you prefer) for a series of Halloween tricks and treats – sprints, hill climb, skid, track stands and more. No face paint, no racing.

Unicycle Bastards Kick Zombie Ass

This is a trailer for a series of webisodes we hope to be doing pretty soon. A lot of it was shot with a cable cam rig we built ourselves – credit goes to Bryce Jacobsen for the mad scientist-like fabrication.
This short premiered at the 2008 Filmed By Bike Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.
This short was also an official selection of the Dismember The Alamo Zombie Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas.


How does a group of seemingly normal people decide to spend a weekend together, riding bikes around and around the grounds of a brewery, falling off those bikes, and dressing up in ways that reveal their inner weird adolescent?
It happens because we’re in the company of friends, like-minded joy seekers and because we’re brave enough to shed our shells and laugh and smile and hug and kiss and be . . . us, only a little more strange.
Cross-Dressed is a film that wallows in that joy. Halloween weekend in Bend is the biggest, best-dressed anaerobic party in cycling North America.

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