Nicolas Vouilloz -The Relentless Pursuit of Balance – Engineering and Development

by Dave Anderson 1

Just dropped into our inboxes; the final chapter in Nico’s testing of SRAM’s new Roam wheels 

In the last chapter of this video series, we follow MTB legend Nicolas Vouilloz as he travels to Colorado Springs, home of SRAM’s Colorado Development Center, home to the team that conceives, designs and tests all SRAM MTB Wheels. Nico meets the engineers that developed the Roam and Rail wheels he raced on in the 2013 Enduro World Series season, with standout results like his win at Round 2 in Val d’Allos and his top 3 placements in Les 2 Alpes and Winter Park. In this video we take an exclusive look at the development process of SRAM’s MTB wheels by meeting the engineers, technicians and product managers that worked countless hours to produce and test the SRAM wheels Nicolas Vouilloz chose for his successful return to racing, and are now available for all mountain bikers.


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