Lose weight, save money, look good!

by Marc Basiliere 8

FSA Polycarbonate Headset Spacers: £5.95/10

Lighter than Carbon!
Lighter than Carbon!

What if, with one simple purchase, you could lose weight, save money, and even add a bit of colour to your ride?*

Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not!  At £5.95/$15 for a bag of ten 5mm spacers are not only cheaper than boring old carbon fibre- they’re lighter too.  A stack of ten weighs 16g- a full 7g less than a same-height pile of carbon spacers.  That means that a typical 3-spacer installation will save nearly 2g over the carbon equivalent.

They do look cool
They do look cool…

But wait- there’s more!  FSA’s Polycarbonate Spacers are sold in translucent blue, green, grey, orange, pink, red and clear to match any colour scheme.

Like candy for your steerer tube.
Like candy for your steerer tube.

All joking aside, these plastic spacers are fun, cheap, and light.  What more could one want?


*all claims relative to generic carbon fibre headset spacers found in our toolbox.

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  1. Jesus christ, a whole 2grams! I wonder how much mud this would equate too?

  2. Blueberry, lime, graphite, tangerine, strawberry, ruby and clear?


  3. Superstar have been doing these for a while – what about deformation?

  4. but they’re not carbon … so what’s the point?

  5. No purple?! FFS, I’m going to be sick. And as already stated, no carbon, so my trousers remain creased.

  6. …or maybe slam your stem and cut off the steerer to save weight AND cash

  7. I’m in the RAF and bought these in March this year in red, white and blue. Sad I know but looks smashing.

  8. So you can’t eat these?

    There’s goes my diet idea.

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