Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case

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The biggest fear of smartphone users, especially those who use their phone with any of the plethora of bike apps while actually riding, is getting it wet. When you wet your iPhone, you kill it – it’s not fixable and Apple won’t help you. This completely waterproof case from Lifeproof allays that fear.

Lifeproof isn’t the only manufacturer to make waterproof cases but it is one of the few to make one that doesn’t look like you’ve encase your phone in a big rubber brick. There are clever sealed holes that still let the sound out and in, and there’s a little screw-in plug for your headphone socket. Standard headphones won’t fit through the tiny hole, but that issue is solved by using the included short adaptor lead which ensures that even with your headphones connected, your phone is still sealed away from the weather (or bath water – yes, we did test it that way too). The headphone plug is tiny and is easily lost if you aren’t careful, which is why there’s a spare one supplied with the adaptor cable.

The charging cable is inserted through a hinged ‘door’ and is reassuringly snug. Just remember to make sure this is clicked shut and you have the headphone plug in place before you try listening to Santana underwater.

The optional bike mount looks rather chunky and worryingly plasticky, but in use the bulk is hidden behind your phone and it stays in place on your bars even over big hits, so long as you have the gimbal-style clamp tightened up enough. Getting it in and out of the mount is very quick and easy and the locking mechanism is reassuring.

Overall: Pricey but excellent waterproof armour for your phone.

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Product:waterproof iPhone case

Price:Phone case £49.99, bar mount clamp £29.99

Tested:by Mark for Four months

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